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Introduction to automotive

India’s automotive industry is the 4th largest auto market in the world. The automotive industry is ever changing, innovating, and adapting.  With auto manufacturers aggressively pushing towards electrification and hybrid models, the dynamicity of the market is felt by its Indian counterparts as well. India is expected to emerge as a leader in shared mobility by 2030, thereby fuelling opportunities for electric and autonomous vehicles. In parallel, the auto components industry has emerged as one of the major drivers of new investments in capacity and technology. 

The industry is also equally confronted by new challenges including government regulations around transition from BS IV to BS VI, push towards EV, economic shifts and much more. In a competitive and volatile market like this, the key to emerging successful lies in having an equally competitive supply chain.

How BCI helps

Having worked with more than 50+ auto and allied component manufacturers over the years, we understand the complexities associated with this industry’s supply chains and ways to deal with them with utmost efficiency. The success in this industry lies in the ability to channelize seamless flow of data and information right from order placement till last mile delivery to customer. Speed, agility and innovation, therefore, represent BCI’s key components to help businesses meet the ever-growing human needs and technological advancements.

Designed to meet the robust and flexible requirements of the industry, mobivue stack of solutions offer you:

Complete traceability – Real-time tracking and tracing of 4Ms ensuring that you are the one in control of your resources.

Inventory visibility – By automating your picking, put away and stock taking activities, offering unique identity to each spare part, you have your eyes on your inventory at all times.

Machine data integration – It talks to a wide range of AIDC machines including CNC machines, SMT machines, and much more. Its ability to seamlessly capture and transfer data offers the much-needed visibility with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

ERP-integration - It talks to your ERP with utmost accuracy and integrity, thereby enabling real-time exchange of data between the operational layer (OT) and the business layer.

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Our solutions catalogue

Right from maintaining the inflow of raw materials from suppliers, to movement across raw material, SPD and FG warehouses through plant manufacturing facility to dealers and service centers, mobivue brings you an end-to-end traceability solution for the automotive industry.

Asset management system
Maximize efficiency and visibility, minimize risks involved in managing your assets

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Manufacturing operations management (discrete)
Streamline your manufacturing processes and drive operational excellence in your supply chain

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Dealer management system
Enable your dealers with efficient processes for a delightful customer experience

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Vehicle tracking system
Optimize turnaround time and traffic management inside your plant premises

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Vendor management system
Manage your sourcing needs with complete traceability of material delivery processes

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Warehouse management system
Power up the accuracy, visibility and control of your warehouse operations

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Case studies

Federal Mogul records 99% accuracy in reported inventory levels using mobivue warehouse management solution

NTF optimizes operational costs using mobivue warehouse management system

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer reduces dispatch errors, transforming customer experience using mobivue dealer management system

India’s leading auto ancillary achieves 99% item traceability across RM warehouse, plant and FG warehouse with mobivue

An Indian Automobile Manufacturing giant achieves 100% traceability and error-free operations for its vehicle inspection process throughout the shop floor

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