An overview

An overview

FMCG  is a fast moving and rapidly changing industry, with extremely complex and demanding supply chain ecosystems. With online gaining mindshare increasingly, the consumer’s grocery shopping preferences have changed significantly. Modern retail and specialty stores are mushrooming at a superfast pace, making the value chain far more complex. With omni-channel retailing taking center stage, the industry is in a race to reach the customer the fastest and offer an impeccable buying experience to them.

The industry also faces challenges in the form of regulations and compliances. Traceability across the value chain is therefore, critical to success here. The success of FMCG companies in this highly competitive and complex market lies in strengthening their supply chains.

How BCI helps

BCI’s rich experience over the years have given us the opportunity to learn and respond to the the changing needs and trends of this industry.  Speed, agility and innovation, therefore, represent our key weapons to help businesses meet the ever-growing market demands. We have the expertise to deliver multi-platform solutions catering to large-scale manufacturing systems, quality, warehousing, logistics, distribution as well as retail.

Real-time visibility 
Fast and efficient ways to achieve 100% product visibility for meeting customer demands and growing your businesses on a real-time basis

Tracking & tracing
Tracking each step of the supply chain management real-time, for meeting the requirements at every level

Enhancing productivity and profitability
Making large-scale management easy with smooth and effective automation to increase productivity and profitability

Our solutions catalogue

We at BCI add real-time visibility and efficiency across your supply chain with the help of multi-platform solutions built over years of experience. We help your business achieves effective control over large-scale manufacturing systems, quality, warehousing, logistics, distribution as well as retail.

Asset management system
Maximize efficiency and visibility, minimize risks involved in managing your assets

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Dealer management system
Enable your dealers with efficient processes for a delightful customer experience

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Manufacturing operations management (process)
Track and trace your supply chain, on the road to excellence and profitability

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Vendor management system
Manage your sourcing needs with complete traceability of material delivery processes

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Warehouse management system
Power up the accuracy, visibility and control of your warehouse operations

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Case studies

Leading fast food chain reduces order cycle time for 100+ SKUs using pick & put-to-light-powered mobivue warehouse management system

Global FMCG giant achieves complete batch traceability in warehouse operations with mobivue warehouse management system

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