Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Unlock operational excellence across fast moving consumer goods manufacturing and supply chain
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BCI’s end-to-end FMCG supply chain management solutions are crafted to unlock specific challenges across traceability, efficiency, and quality.

Key Advantages
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Scalable, Modular and Configurable

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Seamless ERP, Machine and Hardware Integration

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Rapid Deployment

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25+ Years Domain Expertise

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Intuitive User Interface

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Solutions for Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Manufacturing Execution System
Ensure compliance, enhance quality control, and improve operational efficiency with complete batch tracking, weighing scale automation and calibration, recipe management, and machine integration.
Warehouse Management System
Ensure precision, compliance, and efficiency across warehouse operations with batch control, FEFO management, weighbridge automation, sequential control, and condition monitoring. Our WMS efficiently manages both raw materials and finished goods, featuring additional modules for supplier, vehicle, and silo management.
Track and Trace
Empower consumers and combat counterfeiting with our traceability solution, certifying authenticity, ensuring safety, and upholding regulatory compliance.
Supply Chain Control Tower
Transform complex data into real-time insights to optimise inventory, monitor KPIs, Streamline production, minimise disruptions, and improve operational efficiency across the FMCG Supply Chain.
Asset Intelligence Platform
IoT platform to enable location and condition monitoring, including temperature and power across varied fixed and movable assets, e.g. heavy machinery, returnable transport items, and inventory.
Manufacturing Intelligence
Optimise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with real time insights for predictive maintenance, superior quality assurance headlined by filling, packaging, and many more.
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Technologies we use

Technologies we use

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