An overview

Electronics Electronics
An overview

The electronic industry has witnessed a significant boom, owing to innovation and increased accessibility of products in the market. Innovation backed by research and development has made this industry one of the most competitive in current times. While companies fight it out to entice the consumer with the best features in a product, the consumer’s demand trends are also seen to change at a rapid pace. The result is shorter product cycles and added volatility in the system. The consumer’s loyalty is determined by metrics like control on quality, faster order fulfilment and after-sales service. The key to success therefore lies in establishing a flexible supply chain system that is able to offer just-in-time replenishment of products without carrying piles of additional inventory and therefore, added risk and cost.

How BCI helps

With the ever-changing market trends, BCI helps to navigate through the complexities of the highly demanding electronics industry. We at BCI, having worked with a large number of electronic companies over the years, understand the industry’s needs and ways to sustain in a consumer-centric market. We have specialized in offering process visibility at your edge layer. 

Complete traceability - Real-time tracking and tracing of the processes and product and batch level offering you complete control over your products

Machine data integration - Communicates and integrates to a wide range of AIDC machines including CNC machines, SMT machines, and many more. It seamlessly captures and transfers data for all-time visibility and efficiency

ERP-integration - It talks to your ERP for delivering enhanced results while also activating real-time exchange of data between the operational layer (OT) and the business layer.

Our solutions catalogue

From automating your plant processes, to quality inspection, resource tracking, scrap management, warehouse management and much more, mobiVUE has you covered on all fronts through:

Asset management system
Maximize efficiency and visibility, minimize risks involved in managing your assets

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Dealer management system
Enable your dealers with efficient processes for a delightful customer experience

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Manufacturing operations management (discrete)
Streamline your manufacturing processes and drive operational excellence in your supply chain

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Vehicle tracking system
Optimize turnaround time and traffic management inside your plant premises

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Vendor management system
Manage your sourcing needs with complete traceability of material delivery processes

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Warehouse management system
Power up the accuracy, visibility and control of your warehouse operations

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Case studies

International IT services company achieves 99% visibility in asset movement with mobivue asset management system

One of the largest ignition system manufacturers in India achieves 100% traceability compliance in the complex PCB manufacturing process

Achieves 100% visibility and traceability in Asset Movement

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