Consumer Durables & Electronics
Unlock operational excellence across electronic manufacturing and supply chain 
Achieving Compliance and Visibility Excellence

Our tailored supply chain solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of electronic manufacturers and suppliers. By facilitating end-to-end traceability, optimising operations, and implementing rigorous quality controls, we enhance efficiency and manufacturing output while maintaining compliance within the industry and customer standards. 

Key Advantages
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Scalable, Modular and configurable

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Easy ERP, Machine and Hardware Integration

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Rapid Deployment

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25+ Years Domain Expertise

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Intuitive User Interface

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Solutions for Consumer Durables & Electronics
Manufacturing Execution System
Ensure thorough control over component traceability, tooling, and testing facilities for quality SMT and Build-Box assembly and improved production.
Warehouse Management System
Optimise your storage, material handling, and FIFO-based order fulfilment with featured modules that extend the WMS functionalities beyond central warehouses to small warehouses and suppliers.
Track and Trace
Optimise your value chain performance with enhanced quality, rigorous compliance, streamlined production, and swift recall.
Supply Chain Control Tower
Achieve customer satisfaction from a vantage point with real-time insights that optimise inventory, forecast demand, and streamline production
Asset Intelligence Platform
Manage the life of critical assets with IoT-enabled monitoring of critical parameters. Get a full tab on the integrity of every asset across the supply chain with assured quality control.
Manufacturing Intelligence
Elevate quality assurance on critical electronic manufacturing machinery, AOI & SPI systems, and more with real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and optimised workflow.
Clients we work with
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A Global Electronics Brand Unlocks Manufacturing Potential and Enhances Operational Efficiency with Real-Time Data
Unlocking Additional Capacity and Reducing Rejection Rate for one of India's Largest Mobile Handset Manufacturer

Technologies we use

Technologies we use
Hardware Portfolio
Machine vision inspection cameras
Laser Marketing, Thermal printers
Print & Apply Label Applications
Industrial-Grade Handheld scanners & tablets

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