Manufacturing Intelligence
A single-window IoT-enabled solution built to turbocharge Manufacturing
Maximise Production Potential
Driving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), where peak efficiency is the constant objective. Gain insights for better decision-making, intelligent manufacturing, and superior efficiency with our manufacturing intelligence solutions.
Key Features
Experience superior production monitoring with our manufacturing intelligence software.
Performance Monitoring
Ideal vs. Total cycle count
Equipment Availability Monitoring
Uptime and Downtime Analysis
Quality Assurance Monitoring
Conforming vs. Total production quantity
Machine Integration and Tool Tracking
Quick Compatibility and complete traceability
Key Advantages
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IoT-enabled High-performance Sensors

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Cloud-based Analytics, Instant Updates and Breach Alerts

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Remote Monitoring and Control

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Quick Integration with ERP, MES, and Shop-floor Machines

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Identify Defects in Real-Time

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Equipment Utilisation and Efficiency Monitoring

Unlock full manufacturing capabilities
Benefit 1
Improve Equipment Performance
Benefit 2
Efficient Resource Allocation
Benefit 3
Enhance Quality Control
Benefit 4
Increase Operational Efficiency
Benefit 5
Enhance Production Output
Benefit 6
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Integrated Hardware Portfolio
IOT Sensors
Wireless LAN

Industry Applications



Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

transport & logistics

transport & logistics

retail & e-commerce

retail & e-commerce

A Global Electronics Brand Unlocks Manufacturing Potential and Enhances Operational Efficiency with Real-Time Data
Conglomerate Boosts Efficiency and Improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness with BCI's Manufacturing Intelligence Solution

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