Top ignition system manufacturer in India achieves 100% traceability compliance in PCB manufacturing
About the client
The client has been producing digital and analogue ignition products and portable engines since 1984. They specialize in Electronic Ignition Systems for two and three-wheelers and have a strong presence in the automobile industry.


The client required complete component-level traceability in PCB manufacturing to comply with their OEM partners' regulations. They faced challenges such as error tracking during production, implementing 'poka-yoke' for defect prevention, integrating machine data, and automating manufacturing rules.


Why BCI Manufacturing Execution System?

After performing a thorough analysis of the client's processes, BCI deployed a customized MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution designed for SMT (surface mount technology) lines. The bespoke design of BCI's MES system perfectly catered to the client's unique requirements while ensuring complete traceability within SMT and PCB assembly processes.

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