The Supply Chain Control Tower provides a holistic as well as a detailed view of your supply chain operations to help you understand business actions, and challenges and resolve them with great efficiency. It helps you capture, store, and manage large amounts of data while displaying key analytics and events from the entire supply chain in real time.

BCI’s Supply Chain Control Tower enables business owners to spot trends, prioritize actions, understand challenges, and resolve them to drive efficiency across the supply chain and align processes as per strategy. It utilizes advanced technologies such as AI with machine learning to compile complex data across the supply chain, extract insights from your company’s raw data, analyze them and present them in the form of dashboards and reports to understand complex information easily.

Analytics from the supply chain control tower also uses this data to make intelligent predictions and draw trends to give you a competitive edge.

Business Challenges
How Supply Chain Control Towel Helps
  • Predictive analytics

    Use real-time predictions based on trends and patterns, supply and demand and make decisions about productivity and resource deployment accordingly.

  • Spot trends and patterns

    Our supply chain control tower solution highlights trends and patterns in your business, empowering you to take pre-emptive action to avoid disruptions and fix recurring problems.

  • Prompt and faster reporting

    Supply chain control towers present complex data in a simplified dashboard and report form, which opens doors to a more efficient reporting process, making data analytics accessible for everyone.

  • Prompt decision-making

    Our supply chain control tower solution gives you an in-depth overview of your company’s performance, enabling you to understand shortfalls and make strategic decisions for improvement.

  • Improved performance and revenue

    Our supply chain control tower solution enables you to understand the sticking points of your business based on data, based on which you can tweak several aspects of your business to ensure improved performance and efficiency, resulting in increased revenue.

Visibility, Intelligence,Value

BCI’s supply chain control tower provides end-to-end visibility, processes large amounts of data, spots trends and patterns and makes smart predictions, making your organization’s supply chain more resilient. It also enables businesses to forecast and navigate disruptions better.

  • Optimum inventory levels
    Optimum inventory levels

    As a by-product of increased visibility, businesses can optimize inventory levels, increasing profits, reducing stock outs and avoiding material shortage.

  • Better supply chain collaboration
    Better supply chain collaboration

    Our control tower solution facilitates cross-organizational collaboration, enabling quicker resolution of issues, fewer back-and-forth, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced talent attrition.

  • Increased supply chain agility
    Increased supply chain agility

    Our supply chain control tower solution provides greater agility to your supply chain, enabling you to pivot during disruptions. This equates to better customer experiences, faster response times, and a more efficient supply chain overall.

  • End-to-end visibility
    End-to-end visibility

    Our supply chain control tower solution provides complete visibility to your supply chain, enabling you to be proactive in managing your supply chain and reducing costs and minimizing risks.

Customers Speak
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We would like to confirm and certify that we are using Extreme Networks‘s Wireless Access Points in our office, warehouses & showrooms since the past 8+ years with over 4000 access points The Models used in our Network are RFS7000, VX9000, AP5131, AP6521, AP7522, AP7533, AP310e All the AP’s in the Network is running successfully till date. We wish BCI success for all future installations

BCI | Anonymous | Bar Code India
Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd.
best yard management software | Bar Code India

With mobivue WMS we were able to see visible reduction in operational costs. We can now completely track and trace all items in the RM warehouse which helps us efficiently manage resources within the warehouses. In addition, with mobivue WMS’ seamless integration with our ERP, we have complete control of all transaction and inventory data in real-time.

BCI | Kanti Kumar | Bar Code India
Kanti Kumar
General Manager IT Corp., NTF India Pvt. Ltd.
best yard management software | Bar Code India

mobivue WMS has been instrumental in turning around our kitting operations by introducing complete traceability of inventory and throughput in picking, staging and put away processes. We’ve been able to generate a huge improvement in process efficiency resulting in saving time, money and resources. Federal-Mogul is focused on delivering error-free products from our plant to the customer with zero ppm. With mobivue WMS in picture, our inventory accuracy is now close to 100% and we are successfully managing more than 5000 different SKUs.

BCI | Pratik Attray | Bar Code India
Pratik Attray
GM Operations & Supply Chain Management, India Aftermarket, Federal Mogul Motorparts
best yard management software | Bar Code India

In our journey of automating our manufacturing process in adherence with FDA compliances with respect to various guidelines of 21 CFR Part 11, MHRA and EU Annex11, we have chosen BCI as our partner for integrating solution with our ERP for tracking and controlling inventory movement during production process. This solution has helped our manufacturing team in improving productivity and compliance in terms of doing away with manual process of recording, tracking and ensuring right material goes in right area.

BCI | Ashok Nayak | Bar Code India
Ashok Nayak
CIO, Ipca Laboratories Limited
best yard management software | Bar Code India

mobivue-WMS has been instrumental in delivering efficiency of scale across all our warehouses in India. Their barcode-based serialization on every item allows us to easily track and trace all items in the supply chain. It seamlessly integrates with our existing SAP allowing access to valid data in real-time. Thanks to mobivue -WMS, we have better visibility of our inventory, enhanced process control with minimum human intervention.

BCI | Anurag Choube | Bar Code India
Anurag Choube
CIO, Fujifilm
best yard management software | Bar Code India

Blue Star Ltd. has been associated with BCI for almost 15 years and the journey together has been very satisfying. We have been guided through technology and automation changes and we are glad to have a partner with so much experience and expertise with us.

BCI | Sunil Bele | Bar Code India
Sunil Bele
Sr. Manager (Information Technology) - Blue Star Limited
best yard management software | Bar Code India

We appreciate BCI's ability to provide Innovative solutions for our requirement of Product traceability & automated data capture for various WIP stages at our various Business divisions. BCI’s team has good domain knowledge & were able to provide stable solutions within defined project timelines.

BCI | Bimal Puri | Bar Code India
Bimal Puri
best yard management software | Bar Code India

BCI has had more than a decade long relationship with Shoppers Stop retail group. BCI has ably supported our mobility and printing needs for inventory data collection across our stores and warehouses. They have been a stable partner to cater to our needs and we are very happy with the services provided.

BCI | Anil Shankar | Bar Code India
Anil Shankar
VP -Solutions & Technology - Shoppers Stop Limited
best yard management software | Bar Code India

It has been a privilege for us to partner with BCI for our Mobility Technology needs. With great attention to detail they are careful to ensure every element lives up to the highest standards. From event conception to execution, BCI will go above and beyond for you and your organisation.

BCI | Saugat Dutta | Bar Code India
Saugat Dutta
IT BD & PMO Head, India - DHL Supply Chain India Pvt Ltd
best yard management software | Bar Code India

Tracking suppliers vehicle movement in our plants was a big challenge. With the RFID based TAT System, designed, implemented & efficiently supported by BCI, we are now able to see where the suppliers vehicles are, with a higher level of efficiency than ever before. The solution has provided necessary boost to our supply chain operations and has also given us a valuable edge in today’s competitive market.

BCI | Harish Bawari | Bar Code India
Harish Bawari
Hero MotoCorp Ltd
best yard management software | Bar Code India

BCI had been engaged with Carrefour Asia even before the start of operations in India. They were one of Carrefour India’s valued and trusted partners. BCI worked as a team and delivered several innovative and extremely useful software applications. BCI’s team was highly proactive and delivered beyond expectations.

BCI | Subhodip Bandyopadhyay | Bar Code India
Subhodip Bandyopadhyay
Senior Director- Organization, Systems and Supply Chain - Carrefour India Wholesale Cash & Carry
best yard management software | Bar Code India

BCI has been instrumental in the successful deployment of RFID-based item-level intelligence solution in our warehouses. We are able to ensure 100% dispatch validation of our products now, thereby enabling visibility of right stock to our users and improving the stock accuracy at warehouse.

Rahul Yadav
Projects Lead at Decathlon
best yard management software | Bar Code India

Thank you for all the efforts and making the Udaan Capex project successful. Without your cooperation and on-time problem solving would have been an extremely difficult task. We are overwhelmed to mention that the way BCIL supported and handheld us every time we needed help besides being professional and to the point. Special thanks to Nandhini M for going that extra mile to support us when we needed it the most throughout the life cycle of the system implementation.

Tapan Jain
Tapan Jain
Central Finance - Controllership,Udaan.com
best yard management software | Bar Code India
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