Transport & Logistics

An overview

Transport & Logistics Transport & Logistics
An overview

The transportation services worldwide form one of the most important pillars for businesses today. From manufacturing to retailing, and selling of goods across the globe, land, rail, water, and air transport and logistics systems play a big hand in binding the supply chain. These services are responsible for movement of goods through the supply chain to the end consumer, in the least possible time. 

All these modes of transportation, through time, though, have undergone rapid and unprecedented transformation. New age digital delivery systems and hyperlocal services have also altered the scope of the transportation & logistics industry. Today, there exists a vast range in price, timeliness, convenience and amenities that categorizes the preferred mode for businesses to achieve efficiency and profitability. Apart from this, the transport and logistics industry faces extensive competition by market forces that sometimes, act as threats to the longitivity of the businesses, making them extremely volatile ventures.

How BCI helps

At BCI, we help you convert your logistical resources into the most effective tools. In the past rich 20 years of generating and offering solutions in the transport and logistics industry, we have helped companies build a faster, more reliable, cohesive, cost-effective and sustainable delivery model. BCI delivers real time visibility of your complete supply chain along with a dashboard of actionable intelligent information.

mobivue offers the right solution mix to help you streamline your supply chain processes at all levels. From consignment tracking across the value chain, to container and air cargo tracking, we offer you complete traceability solutions for your business.

Real time visibility: Complete visibility of consignment and cargos across all modes of transport, i.e. air, water, land and rail

Comprehensive traceability: Tracking and tracking of inbound and outbound materials right from picking, to sorting, dispatch till the last mile delivery 

Faster order fulfillment: Successful implementation drives faster and smoother order fulfillment resulting in happy and satisfied customers 

Smart warehouse solutions | Bar Code India
Our solutions catalogue

Designed to provide seamless movement of materials and goods, the solutions we offer at BCI are:

Asset management system
Maximize efficiency and visibility, minimize risks involved in managing your assets

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Vehicle tracking system
Optimize turnaround time and traffic management inside your plant premises

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Warehouse management system
Power up the accuracy, visibility and control of your warehouse operations

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Case studies

An Indian transport company boosts yard efficiency and visibility with mobivue vehicle tracking system

Convert your logistical resources into the most effective tools.
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