Introduction to IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) has engrained its roots deep into every industry today. We are now entering a global era where devices share information through clouds, and people can work remotely with a fixed, secured online connection.IoT is a modern technology that is the new talk in the town, and its currency is rising from domestic to commercial applications. As per Gartner Survey, it unveils that 47% of organizations will boost investments in IoT despite the impact of COVID-19.In this article, let's take a deeper look into IoT technology, including its applications, how it works, and where the tech is going.

To be precise, IoT technology makes your dumb devices smarter by providing them with the ability to send data over the internet. It allows the devices to interact with people and other IoT-enabled things in these ways:

Traceability compliance
Traceability compliance
It helps to track and trace your products and assets seamlessly. This saves your time, right from the start to the time when your suppliers reach the end.
Increased productivity
Increased productivity
IoT innovation makes it possible to improve the speed and accuracy of your processes, efficiently manage your 4Ms, monitor the quality of products, worker safety, and much more
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
IoT sensors are effective when used for analysis. Take the example of the "smart home," where every process is IoT-enabled. It has internet-enabled thermostats, doorbells, smoke detectors, and security alarms.
Competitive Edge
Competitive Edge
Your organization gains a competitive edge when using IoT and data analytics for accurate planning and processes.
How BCI helps

We, at BCI, bring in years of experience in delivering IoT-powered solutions to customers; helping them build more intelligent, process-driven, and efficient spaces for business to thrive in. Our comprehensive solution collects data using a wide range of interconnected devices and transfers it to the operational layer using different connectivity mediums.

The edge is the supreme source of data collection and intelligence. And our deep domain knowledge and understanding of the edge layer is what differentiates us from the competition. We employ digitally advanced strategies to deliver consolidated data on your 4M's (man, machine, material, and method) right from the edge to your business. With seamless machine integration, data collection & filtering, and the ability to handle vast volumes of transactions even in poor network conditions, our solutions make extensive data management simpler than ever.

We have delivered 500+ unique solutions across verticals, covering a wide range of process areas. Our knowledge base is further enriched by our close engagement with end-users handling core operations at the point of activity. 

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Our solutions catalogue

Our IoT edge application can be weaved with the mobivue solution stack including:

Asset management system
Maximize efficiency and visibility, minimize risks involved in managing your assets

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Dealer management system
Enable your dealers with efficient processes for a delightful customer experience

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Item level intelligence
Leverage the power of item level intelligence for a for a responsive and efficient supply chain

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Manufacturing operations management (discrete)
Streamline your manufacturing processes and drive operational excellence in your supply chain

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Manufacturing operations management (process)
Track and trace your supply chain, on the road to excellence and profitability

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Vehicle tracking system
Optimize turnaround time and traffic management inside your plant premises

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Vendor management system
Manage your sourcing needs with complete traceability of material delivery processes

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Warehouse management system
Power up the accuracy, visibility and control of your warehouse operations

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Why Does IoT Matter?

As per tech jury stats, 97% of companies feel there are challenges building value from IoT-related data. But the stats also suggest that the IoT in banking and financial services market size is likely to grow to $2.03B by 2023. These stats show that there's a lot of room for improvement in IoT applications. In a nutshell, IoT is important for future industries. Everything is going online. The reason being the internet is the most prominent place to share data and information. You can send information or receive information, or both within billions of devices all across the world. IoT as a device wants to combine all potential objects to communicate with each other on the internet. Also, provide a secure, comfortable life for consumers. Let's take the example of the google home voice controller. It has a home voice controller, which is a smart IoT device. This allows the users to use features like media, alarms, lights, control the volume, and more functions just by their voice.

In short, IoT devices are the need of the hour. With growing consumer expectations, data and storage devices are becoming the superpower of connectivity. In the Internet of Things, the internet can be put into three categories:

  • 1. Collecting and Sending

  • 2. Information

  • 3. Receiving and Acting on Information
IoT Applications

Internet of technology has multiple applications since it's adjustable to almost any technology. It is capable of giving relevant information about every process. This can help you analyze your performance and even monitor and control processes at a distance. So, here are the best IoT applications.

Business Applications

People use IoTsolutions for business applications like automated vehicles and supply chain management from smart cities to smart homes. With a relentless collection of data, cities are now making intelligent decisions for needed improvements while allocating their budgets in the right direction.They can compile data on traffic management, power usage, and even pollution.

IoT Retail shops

Retail shops like Amazon Go which is the concept of an eCommerce giant store. These retail shops use IoT technology to bridge the gap between an online store and a retail store. Now people can go cashless and order anything from their online Amazon wallet.

Smart Grids

One of the best applications of IoT examples is an intelligent grid. It's a unified solution that applies a different range of Information technology to enable existing and new gridlines. This helps in reducing electricity waste and cost. It often improves the efficiency, reliability, and economics of electricity.


Telehealth or Telemedicine uses IoT solutions as a way of digital communication. Doctors use IoT devices for Imaging, remote medical diagnosis & evaluations. You can even opt for video consultations with specialists, and everything is made easy with the help of IoT applications.

Explore the IoT edge beyond machine data alone.
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