Warehouse Management System
Boost the efficiency, visibility and control of your warehouse operations with our WMS Software
Achieve Maximum Operational Efficiency
Efficiently optimise and seamlessly scale your enterprise warehouse operations. Discover warehouse automation enabled by a modular, configurable Warehouse Management System. See more and do less with our WMS software that seamlessly integrates with ERPs, warehouse control systems and distribution centre technologies.
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Key Features
Our Warehouse Management System lies at the core of your digital warehouse operations.
Real-Time Inventory Oversight
See more and monitor real-time inventory information anytime, anywhere. 
Navigate Inventory with Location Intelligence
Discover smart storage management with accurate location awareness.
Quick Order Fulfilment
Accelerate order processing and fulfilment efficiency with a flexible and robust WMS Software.
Advanced-Data Insights
Discover performance-driven data and insights and make informed decisions with our Warehouse Management Software.
Seamless Integration with ERPs and WCS
Sync WMS software with industry-leading ERPs like SAP and Oracle and Warehouse Control Systems to facilitate quick data exchange and elevate quality control.
Seamless Integration with Automation and AIDC Technologies
Integrate with AMRs, ASRS, Barcoding, RFID, and IoT technologies.
Key Advantages
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Modular and Scalable

Slide 2

Configurable with your business process

Slide 3

Data visualised by Granular Zone Classification

Slide 4

Cloud-based analytics, KPI tracking and real-time alerts

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Compatible with all devices and seamless migration

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Customisable and optimised picking sequences

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User Friendly Dashboards

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Automated task management and KPI tracking

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Accurate Vehicle tracking and Yard Management

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Customer Specific Labelling, Knitting, and Bundling

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Robust Data Security Protocols

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Integrated with Track and Trace, MES, Yard Management and Vehicle Tracking

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Easy and fast to deploy

A Warehouse management System that aligns with your customers
Benefit 1
Improve Accuracy with Digital Workflows
Benefit 2
Enhance Productivity and Throughput
Benefit 3
Increase Order Fulfilment Rate
Benefit 4
Steer Workforce Control
Benefit 5
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
Benefit 6
Reduce Operational Costs
Benefit 7
Maximise Customer Satisfaction
Benefit 8
Minimise Returns

Tailored Solutions for Smarter
Operations in Your Industry

Core Functionalities
Material and Storage space configuration
Inbound and outbound configurations
User labour and zone management
Cycle and stock count
Instant alerts and notifications
ERP integration
Supply Chain Control Tower and Configurable Reports
Industry Specific Functionalities
(formerly EVO)
  • Serial or Batch Control
  • BoM-based Picking
  • MRP Management
    (formerly EVO)
    • Serial or Batch Control
    • FIFO-based Picking
    • Kitting and De-kitting
      Life Sciences
      (formerly Pharmision)
      • RM/PM handling, sampling and digital dispensing
      • Batch Control
      • eLogs and 21 CFR Part11 compliant
        (formerly EVO)
        • RM/PM handling, sampling and digital dispensing
        • IoT-enabled Condition and Cold-Chain Monitoring
        • FEFO-based picking
          Integrated Hardware Portfolio
          Industrial-grade Handheld Scanners and Tablets
          Print & Apply, Label Applicators
          Machine vision inspection cameras
          IoT Sensor Stack
          Wireless Access Points
          Thermal Printers
          Pick to light systems
          ASRS and AMR

          Industry Applications



          Life Sciences

          Life Sciences

          Consumer Durables & Electronics

          Consumer Durables & Electronics

          Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

          Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

          transport & logistics

          transport & logistics

          retail & e-commerce

          retail & e-commerce

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          Streamlining Warehouse Operations: NTF India's Digital Transformation Journey with BCI's WMS

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