Inventory Intelligence
Drive profitability and customer satisfaction with complete inventory visibility
Transforming retail operations with omni-channel excellence
Crafted exclusively for the retail industry, our Inventory Intelligence is the key to an agile and efficient supply chain. Leveraging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, our solution precisely identifies and continuously tracks every SKU, empowering you with item-level inventory data across distribution centres, warehouses, and retail outlets.
Key Features
Switch towards an elevated retail experience with RFID-backed BCI inventory tracking solutions and deliver personalised customer experiences.
Real-time Serialised Inventory Tracking
Item-level stock visibility and traceability across the supply chain
Seamless Omni-channel Integration
Harmonise online and offline operations, including BOPIS, to ensure a consistent customer experience and minimise sales loss
Built for Warehouses, Distribution Centres and Retail Stores
Tailor-made for warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores, to meet their specific inventory and operational requirements
Data-Driven Insights
Leverage real-time data for informed, proactive decisions in sales and consumer behaviour
Personalised Customer Experience
Elevate customer experience with tailored features and smart trial rooms for personalised shopping.
Key Advantages
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Configurable, Modular and Scalable

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Seamless Integration with AIDC Hardware, ERP and POS Systems

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Advanced Item Search Capabilities and Effortless Cycle Counting

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Optimise Self-checkout For Faster Service and Queue Management

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Real-time Alerts and Notifications

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Device and Hardware Agnostic

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Robust Data Security Protocols

Transforming Retail with Supply Chain Visibility and Memorable Customer Experiences
Benefit 1
Improve Operational Efficiency
Benefit 2
Minimise Deadstock, Shrinkage and Theft
Benefit 3
Strategise Better with Analytics
Benefit 4
Omni-channel Excellence
Benefit 5
Minimise Costs and Expenses
Benefit 6
Strengthen Stakeholder Partnerships
Benefit 7
Minimise Lead Times
Benefit 8
Deliver Memorable Customer Experiences
Integrated Hardware Portfolio
Industrial-grade Handheld Scanners and Tablets
Advanced Cobots
Print & Apply, Label Applicators
IoT Sensor Stack
Wireless Access Points
RFID Printers

Industry Applications



Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

transport & logistics

transport & logistics

retail & e-commerce

retail & e-commerce

Enhancing Customer Experience: Building Intelligent Inventory Visibility for a Leading Luxury Fashion Retailer in Asia
H&M Achieves 100% Dispatch Validation Accuracy with BCI's Inventory Intelligence

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