Life Sciences Industry
Unlock operational excellence across Life Sciences manufacturing and supply chain
Complete compliance and sequential control

BCI's end-to-end supply chain solutions are designed to address the unique challenges and compliances of the life sciences industry value chain. We comprehend the unique workflows of the industry and the significance of robust technology solutions for efficient validations at every step, from material inspection to staging and dispensing. Our life sciences technology solutions ensure digitization and regulatory compliance adherence, resulting in improved efficiency and high standards of quality control.

Key Advantages
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Scalable, Modular and Configurable

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Sequential Control of Operations

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GMP SOP Compliant

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Easy ERP, Machine and Hardware Integration

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25+ Years Domain Expertise

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Intuitive User Interface

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Data Integrity and Audit Trails

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ALCOA+ Compliance

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21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Solutions for Life Sciences Industry
Warehouse Management System
Drive quality control, compliance and efficiency with real-time weight capture, weighing scale calibration master, single-label concept, system-driven sequential control, and automated dispensing.
Manufacturing Execution System
Achieve 100% batch traceability for process orders from handover to production to bulk finished goods with system-driven sequential control, audit trails, and adherence to regulatory compliance to ensure efficient and quality-driven manufacturing.
Track and Trace
Ensure both domestic and global compliance in the life sciences industry while empowering your consumers. Achieve end-to-end supply chain traceability, maintain data integrity, streamline recalls, seamlessly integrate with third-party serialisation systems, and effectively prevent counterfeiting.
Supply Chain Control Tower
Transform complex data into real-time insights to optimise inventory, monitor KPIs, streamline production, minimise disruptions, and improve operational efficiency.
Asset Intelligence Platform
Streamline and optimise the process of tracking, managing, and utilising essential assets, including handling equipment, cleanroom apparatus, containers, tanks, calibration tools, IT assets, and more.
Manufacturing Intelligence
Optimise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), workforce efficiency, and enable predictive maintenance by tracking performance, equipment availability, and quality assurance for critical manufacturing equipment, such as compression machines, distillation units, centrifuges, packaging machinery, and more.
Clients we work with
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A leading plant science company implements BCI's Track and Trace System, ensuring complete visibility of material movement

Technologies we use

Technologies we use
Hardware Portfolio
Laser Marking, Thermal Printers
Machine vision inspection cameras
Laser Marketing, Thermal printers
Print & Apply Label Applications
Industrial-Grade Handheld scanners & tablets

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