Asset Intelligence Platform
An IoT platform for better asset control and visibility
Maximising Returns on Your Asset Investments
The Asset Intelligence Platform integrates high-performance hardware and robust cloud software, to enable real-time tracking, monitoring, and optimisation for various assets, including field and machinery. The Asset Intelligence Platform is thoughtfully designed on three fundamental pillars: condition monitoring system, cold chain monitoring system, and asset tracking system. The platform empowers enterprises with valuable data-driven insights to enhance asset health, performance, and utilisation.
Key Features
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Cold-Chain Monitoring
Asset Tracking and Management
Achieve real-time asset tracking, comprehensive asset management, and streamline supply chain operations with our powerful Asset Tracking System. Leverage real-time location data and data-driven insights to effectively manage the complete lifecycle of your assets.

Key Assets:

Returnable Transport Items
Active Field Assets
Shop-Field Assets
IT and Administrative Page
Key Advantages
Slide 1

Scalable, Configurable, and Modular

Slide 2

Connectivity options – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular

Slide 3

Serverless-cloud Hosted Data Management

Slide 4

Seamless Integration with ERPs and AIDC Hardware

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User Friendly

Slide 6

Instant Breach Alerts and Notifications

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Robust Data Security Protocols

Slide 8

Rapid Deployment (for Asset Tracking)

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Plug-and-Play (for Condition Monitoring and Cold-chain Monitoring)

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Made in India: IoT-enabled high-performance sensors

Manage Assets Seamlessly
Benefit 1
Asset Security Enhancement and Risk Mitigation
Benefit 2
Enable Predictive Maintenance
Benefit 3
Improve Asset Performance, Reliability, and Utilisation
Benefit 4
Optimise Power and Energy Consumption
Benefit 5
Ensure Product Integrity and Reduce Wastage
Benefit 6
Enhance Sustainability
Integrated Hardware Portfolio
IoT Sensor Stack
Wireless Access Points
Barcode and RFID printers
Barcode and RFID readers

Industry Applications



Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Consumer Durables & Electronics

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

transport & logistics

transport & logistics

retail & e-commerce

retail & e-commerce

End-to-End Pallet Movement Visibility Helps Commercial Vehicle Giant Cut Costs and Boost Productivity
From Chaos to Clarity: RFID Tracking Simplifies Asset Movement for a Global IT Company

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