Manufacturing Execution System
Ensure efficient and uninterrupted manufacturing operations
Empowering Your Manufacturing Operations
Drive manufacturing excellence by increasing quality, efficiency, compliance, and sustainability with our MES solution. Our Manufacturing Execution System is based on Industry 4.0 principles and built with standard industry configurations.
Key Features
Experience efficient manufacturing with maximum output, profitability, and minimum quality deviations for you and your customers.
End-to-End Traceability
Ensure seamless traceability, genealogy tracking at batch or component levels, efficient material management with integrated warehouse and vendor management systems, and 100% route adherence for quality control.
Advanced Capabilities
Automated solutions for production planning, real-time OEE monitoring, and in-depth data analytics to enhance productivity and streamline operations.
Enhance Digital Workflows
Digitise workflows to ensure compliance, robust process adherence, and achieve higher yield.
Built-in Integration
Seamless Integration with ERP, Shop-Floor Machines, and AIDC technology.
Seamless Operations
Continuous operations, even when your ERP is down. Ensure zero downtime.
Key Advantages
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Scalable, Modular, and configurable

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Track 4Ms - Man, Machine, Method, and Material

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Process Validation & Sequential Control

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Real-Time Material & Data Visibility

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Advanced Analytics

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Data Integrity and Robust Security Protocols

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Rapid Deployment

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Device Agnostic

Manufacturing Process Made Efficient
Benefit 1
Increase Manufacturing Output
Benefit 2
Minimise Defect Rate
Benefit 3
Enhance Product Quality
Benefit 4
Enhance Worker Efficiency
Core Functionalities
User & labour Management
BoM or Recipe management
Advanced capabilities - OEE Monitoring, Production Planning and management
Routing adherence or sequential control
Cycle count and stock take
ERP and machine integration
Integrated Warehousing Operations
Supply Chain Control Tower and Configurable Reports
Industry Specific Functionalities
  • Batch and Component-Level Traceability
  • Quality Inspection
  • Job-work Tracking
    (formerly emPRO)
    • Batch and Component-Level Traceability
    • Configurable Tooling and Calibration Modules
    • Laser Marking and Machine Data Integration
      Life Sciences
      (formerly Pharmision)
      • GMP and 21 CFR Part11 Compliant
      • Batch-level Traceability
      • eLogs
        • Batch-level Traceability
        • Weighing Scale Automation
        • Packaging Systems and Machine Integration
          Integrated Hardware Portfolio
          Industrial-grade Handheld Scanners and Tablets
          Laser Marking, Thermal Printers
          Print & Apply, Label Applicators
          Machine vision inspection cameras
          IoT Sensor Stack
          Wireless Access Points
          Advanced Cobots

          Industry Applications



          Life Sciences

          Life Sciences

          Consumer Durables & Electronics

          Consumer Durables & Electronics

          Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

          Fast moving consumer Goods (FMCG)

          transport & logistics

          transport & logistics

          retail & e-commerce

          retail & e-commerce

          Unlocking Additional Capacity and Reducing Rejection Rate for one of India's Largest Mobile Handset Manufacturer
          Top ignition system manufacturer in India achieves 100% traceability compliance in PCB manufacturing

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