Radio Frequency Identification
Seamless proximity data capturing for precise tracking and efficient operations
Power of Proximity: The RFID Revolution!

As RFID technology experts, we excel at crafting and implementing intricate and extensive deployments. Our RFID solutions include a robust hardware portfolio featuring high-performance RFID readers, printers, and tags, ensuring a seamless hardware implementation and integration experience while addressing your specific business needs.

Technology Highlights
Versatile Portfolio
Complete RFID portfolio for all use cases.
Rugged Reliability
Built to withstand harsh conditions, providing durability and longevity.
Third-Party Integration
Seamless integration with third-party systems and software.
Custom Accessories
Tailored accessories and fittings for diverse applications and environments.
Application-Specific Consumables
Diverse range, including hard tags, smart labels, and more. Customised for various applications
RFID Printers
Desktop, Industrial, and Mobile
RFID Readers
Handheld, Fixed, Vehicle-Mounted, and more
RFID Tablets
Enterprise-grade,  Zone Certified, And More
RFID Labels & Ribbons  Ribbons
Hard Tags, Smart Labels, and more
RFID Antennas
Circular and Linear
Accessories, Spares & Customised fittings
Mounting kits, RFID Tunnel, RFID Portals, and more

Made in India RFID readers that set global efficiency standards.

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