Government Industry
Unlock operational excellence across government supply chains
Elevating Supply Chain Efficiency and Quality!

Empower Government agencies to navigate the digital era with supply chain solutions that offer enhanced efficiency, tracking, and traceability. Elevate operations with complete transparency to serve the citizens better.

Key Advantages
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Scalable, Modular and Configurable

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Iot & Cloud-ready

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Seamless ERP, Machine and Hardware Integration

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Rapid Deployment

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25+ Years Domain Expertise

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Intuitive User Interface

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Industrial Use-Cases

Supply Chains Simplified : Cutting Through Operational Complexity
Warehouse Management
Asset tracking & Management
Logistics & Transportation
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Work-in-Process (WIP)
  • IoT-based Manufacturing Intelligence - monitor and optimise OEE
  • Recall Management
  • RFID
  • QR Code
  • BLE-based Track and Trace
  • Counterfeit prevention
  • IoT-based Cold-chain monitoring
  • Data Analytics
  • RFID Based Track and Trace for Counterfeit
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Returnable Asset Tracking
Streamlining Toll Collection with RFID: The Indian Government's NETC Program

Technologies we use

Technologies we use
Hardware Portfolio
Advanced Cobots
Barcode Scanners
Thermal Printers
Print & Apply Label Applications
Machine vision inspection cameras
Print & Apply, Label Applicators
Wireless Access Points
Barcode Printers

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