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In addition to providing visibility into a company’s complete inventory, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) also manage fulfillment activities from warehouse to retail shelves. Thanks to the efficiency and accuracy it brings to an organization’s supply chain, as well as the ability to plug in additional warehousing technologies that allow a company to vastly improve its capabilities, a warehouse management system is essential for any logistics system.

Every business or organization wishes to maximize inventory visibility and control warehouse operations as efficiently as possible. While a standard WMS will help you achieve that, mobivue WMS can help overperform on this front. Brought to you by Bar Code India (BCI), India’s leading provider for software solutions, the mobivue Warehouse Management System is the perfect solution for any organization that operates a warehouse (small or large) and/or multiple distribution centers. With mobivue WMS, you can achieve faster, smarter, and smoother control over your warehouse operations.

Here are three ways it drives and improves your organization’s overall operational efficiency

Efficient inventory management through track and trace

Warehouse management systems can effortlessly track inventory items using the Internet of Things (IoT), RFID technology, batch and serial numbers, etc. Serial numbers help identify a single item, while lot/batch numbers indicate the group in which materials were manufactured. Thus enabling full traceability by matching specific batch or serial numbers with incoming receipts and outgoing shipments. This, in turn, reduces potential redundancy, allows for accurate inventory planning and allocation, and provides current retrievable information for future traceability and service maintenance.


Such a deeper level of visibility also allows businesses to create demand forecasts which in turn help the management decide which products are in demand at a certain period of the year, which products they should invest in, and which products they can replace, thereby giving businesses a major operational advantage.WMS combined with scanning, RFID technology, or other track and trace methods improves visibility at the location and decreases non-WMS-enabled scenarios where merchandise is forgotten, lost, or misplaced

Enhanced productivity and reduced costs (Man and Machine)

On the surface, ensuring that an organization’s storage capacity is optimized looks simple, but it is considerably complicated. Stockpiling is an important factor, especially in today’s times when global supply networks are disrupted as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even with an efficient stockpiling mechanism, there’s always the issue of your warehouse containing perishables or other date-sensitive items.

Selecting a suitable WMS allows you to make the most of your warehouse space, right from product placement to total footprint. It will systematically optimize your space and travel path by calculating the most efficient use of floor space based on work and material characteristics. Excessive material movement, time-consuming placement, and retrieval costs will be reduced as a result of this. And once you identify the best locations to store products, materials and equipment, you can further lower your operating expenses.


The mobivue WMS saves time and money by evaluating units that must be shipped on priority and those that may require a sales push. Plus, larger teams implies greater overhead costs. Automation of warehouse processes means saving on man hours and utilising them for the more crucial functions rather than redundant activities. Using an operational WMS solution, you can optimize operations without expanding the workforce, thereby reducing operational costs and investing in other critical aspects of your organization.

Click here to find out how NTF India, a leading manufacturer, developer, and supplier of engineering plastic and composite parts, significantly optimized their operational costs using mobivue WMS. Through barcode serialization provided by mobivue, NTF could intelligently track and trace each and every item that went in and out of the warehouse. Moreover, using MRP-based (Material Requirement Planning) inventory management, NTF also obtained complete control and visibility of their inventory, which, in turn, allowed them to go lean on inventory pile-up. 

Optimized supply chains for HAPPY customers

The mobivue WMS enables real-time inventory updates ensuring optimized space utilization and an accurate view of all your material. With 100% inventory visibility, the mobivue WMS delivers precise, real-time inventory levels, allowing businesses to anticipate supply and minimize backorders, resulting in happier customers, both internally and externally, more accurately.

The more detailed a supplier’s access to their inventory utilization is, the better they can plan and implement production. With the exception of minor redundancies, this can assist in reducing lead times and lowering the expenses of storing surplus warehouse inventory.

The customer support staff can also more precisely address problems and queries now that they have access to real-time data for shipments, orders, and more.


An effective warehouse management system like mobivue means an elevation in quality that may subsequently be extended to the rest of the supply chain. This will also means increased productivity of your resources along with fast and error free order fulfilment and this will translate to happy customers or even supply partners. By minimizing or eliminating superfluous or non-productive work, warehouse personnel may now accomplish rapid and precise shipments.

Want to learn how one of India’s leading fast-food chains reduced order cycle time for more than 100 SKUs through the Pick & Put-to-light technology of mobivue warehouse management system? Essentially, the Pick & Put-to-light technology substantially enhanced the client’s warehouse’s material segregation and sorting process. They were then able to drastically reduce order cycle time through the use of a guided material picking process, resulting in enhanced dispatch accuracy. Click here for a deeper dive.

mobivue WMS for the win!

The mobivue WMS is certainly setting the bar high for any warehouse management system with exciting features and documented success stories boasting 100% inventory visibility, +20% storage space optimization, +17% effective user management, +12% faster order fulfillment, and more.

The mobivue warehouse management system connects seamlessly with your equipment, allowing you to collect relevant data to drive excellence in your supply chain operations. It is also designed to function on many platforms and leverages the latest technologies and architecture.

To learn more about implementing mobivue WMS, click here or visit Bar Code India’s official website.


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