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Defining part traceability standards in automotive manufacturing Quality assurance | Recall management | Industry 4.0

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Traceability compliance requirements are an absolute need of the hour for auto component manufacturers today. The need is fuelled by automobile OEMs across two and four-wheeler segments whose primal concerns lie in protecting their brand image and tackling warranty and recall-related liabilities better.

The negative impact of vehicle recalls is severe for both the OEM as well as the suppliers. It does not stop at costs alone. Quality assurance, powered by 100%-part traceability of components from different suppliers, therefore, becomes critical for automakers to shift from curative to preventive manufacturing processes.     

The session will focus on an interactive discussion on component level traceability covering key areas including:

.  Traceability in manufacturing of critical automobile components in the era of Industry 4.0

.  Paving the path for zero-defect manufacturing and increased production control by bringing automation in manufacturing workflows and rules

.  Managing recalls effectively and thereby minimizing costs

.  Offering the desired competitive advantage to auto component manufacturers and helping in winning the trust of OEM automakers by complying to traceability requirements

We will also be introducing you to mobivue manufacturing operations management, BCI’s state-of-the-art solution supporting traceability requirements for auto component manufacturers. 


Guest speaker

Nareshkumar J
IT Manager
Somic Zf Components


Kuldeep Saini
AGM – Presales & Projects


Hamir Singh Thakur
Chief Solution Architect
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