Leading chemical giant optimizes turnaround time of vehicle operations by 80% using mobivue vehicle tracking system

Industry:  Chemicals
Region: Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Number of plants: 01
Number of transactions handled: 300K per year
Business impact: 80% Weighbridge time reduced

The client started as a one-man operation in 1969. Today it has over 15000 employees and turnover of over 3550 crores. The company owns 8 plants manufacturing Soda ash, Linear alkyl benzene, Soaps, Detergents, Edible & industrial salt, Alpha olefin sulfonate, Sulfuric acid, Glycerine, Sugar, Cement, Single superphosphate, Castor oil, Paper & plastic cups,
Tarpaulin, Injection moulding, Bromine, and Phosphoric acid.

The client was handling the movement of 800+ trucks in a day, carrying different raw materials and finished goods in and out of the plant. Their existing paper-based vehicle tracking process required a manual mode of data entry at every stage including truck verification, task allotment, weighing, and material loading/unloading bays. The process was time-consuming and error-prone offering little or no scope of tracking and tracing the movement of trucks and the material they carried. 

The average weighbridge process time for every truck was a whopping 20 minutes (for calculating tare and gross weight), resulting in traffic jams both inside and outside the plant. Also, the more time a truck spent inside the premises meant more costs for each cycle. Furthermore, limited visibility of processes often resulted in delays in the timely supply of material in the production line, thereby affecting production efficiencies and costs.

Why mobivue vehicle tracking system
The BCI team conducted a week-long intensive study of the onsite operations at Bhavnagar plant and proposed an RFID-powered vehicle tracking system for the client. The solution was deployed in just three-months.

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