A manufacturing operation management case study | Pharmaceuticals

How India's leading pharma giant boosted success rate in regulatory audit using mobivue manufacturing operation management

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Region: India

One of the five biggest pharmaceutical companies in India had a problem. They needed to steer through an increasing number of complex regulatory compliance audits with flying colors. At the same time, they wanted to optimize their stores and distribution center operations in order to drive operational excellence and stay ahead of competition. Their current store management process was cumbersome, time consuming and raised pressing questions on manual weight capturing processes, non-systematic audit trails and heavy dependence on manual, error-prone methods of data capturing. The company sought to make their store operations more systematic; one that would save them time and costs and at the same time offer highest standards of compliance.

Why mobivue  manufacturing operation management
With regulatory compliance being a critical driver of success in the pharmaceutical industry, this pharma giant needed a solution that met the highest standards of compliance. Additionally, they needed a solution which would streamline their store operations in the best possible format. They chose mobivue  manufacturing operation management, BCIL's state-of-the-art solution that meets the global 21 CFR Part 11 compliance perfectly.

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