Seed company achieves 100% visibility of material movement


The client is a plant science company engaged in rice, cotton, millet, mustard, and vegetables seed manufacturing in Hyderabad, India. Their operations include seed processing from raw seed arrival to finished goods followed by distribution pan India and overseas.


The company was following a manual process and was unable to track & trace its seed batch correctly from packing to distribution and sales return. The main challenge was the traceability from multiple levels of packing based on the batch number.

- Poor or no location-wise inventory visibility at plant level, which was needed to ensure correct dispatch

- Lack of real-time visibility across the supply chain - no visibility of inventory at plant warehouse, C&F, dealers & retailer

- No controls and tracking on sales return which eventually disrupted the re-validation program, since the returned material must go to the plant for re-processing

- There was no FIFO system thereby causing wrong dispatches. The absence of real-time data flow caused incoherence between physical stock and system stocks

- No control on cross-boundary sales - different distribution discount policies were followed across geographies. However, given the manual processes, there was no control over it, causing poor customer (dealer) experience.

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