An Item Level Intelligence Case Study

An e-commerce brand achieves 99% visibility across returnable inventory


The company, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, is India’s leading Ecommerce marketplace with over 80 million products across 80+ categories. The most popular of these categories are consumer electronics, apparel, home essentials, groceries and more. The company has been instrumental in changing India’s Ecommerce landscape.


While the company has grown manifold, due to high dependence on manual processes and labour, they were unable to scale operations and drive efficient business practice.

- Tracking and accountability for all plastic crates/totes going back from Distribution Centres to the main Warehouse was a challenge.

- Due to extensive manual effort, a lot of man hours were wasted, and this slowed further processes as well, thereby decreasing time efficiency. This eventually affected the end consumers.

- Since the RTIs are needed to be in circulation for Warehouse operations, low or no visibility of the availability or non-availability of plastic crates/totes affected operations, leading to inefficiency and low productivity.

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