Fast Fashion Brand achieves 100% accuracy across Dispatching Validation using mobivue Item Level Intelligence


The client is a Spanish Fast fashion Brand, specialising in clothes, accessories, shoes,perfumes and more. The popular brand came to India in 2010 and now has multiple outlets and product vendors across the country.


The client, being a large brand, has large and complex operations when it comes to receiving and dispatching of material, to and from the respective warehouses.
To ensure that vendors could dispatch all material accurately was becoming increasingly difficult. Manual processes meant high errors and a lot of time and effort.
The following challenges faced by the brand were causing high error rates and poor efficiency:

Manual processes for dispatch validation were becoming extremely time consuming and began to cause errors and inefficiencies, resulting in losses to vendors and the retailer.

Poor Material Management at the Vendor’s side meant increased errors in dispatch, material receiving hence. This also meant double the effort and double the time,affecting the overall customer experience eventually.
Added man hours – due to the entire process being manual at the vendor’s end, both the retail giant and the vendor relied heavily on large man power to handle the material being received and check for errors.

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