Commercial vehicle giant achieves higher accuracy and speed in their inventory movement with RFID-enabled material tracking solution

About the client 

The client is headquartered in New Delhi. Their Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh is spread across 82 acres of land and has served over 7,41,786 happy customers in the past 33 years.


How does one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in India bring down their production cost while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of their manufacturing operations? 
The client was planning to deploy SAP eWMS solution for effective JIT inventory management in its commercial vehicle manufacturing process. Along with that, they also wanted to automate the material tracking process from warehouse to assembly line for bringing visibility and accuracy in the system. The warehouse and assembly lines were on the same premises but at a considerable distance, causing trolley misplacement in the transit.
The paper-based Kanban system of tracking material movement from warehouse to shop floor created lag in information. Lack of visibility of the trolleys' location and status increased the material search time. It required manual verification of material at every stage that delayed the operations. There were increased cases of production downtime due to recurring errors and shortage in material supply to the assembly line. Furthermore, there was no timely information on inventory consumption or unused material lying at the assembly line, creating errors in stock reconciliation. They were unable to monitor the operations or create accountability among the workers.


The client had had a great experience working with BCI in the past. BCI's superior knowledge of RFID technology and the ability to create a modular and scalable solution that integrated with their SAP, made them choose BCI as their preferred partners.

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