One of the biggest commercial vehicle manufacturers improves its bottom line by bringing 99% visibility in their pallet movement with mobivue

About the client

The client is a subsidiary of the German automobile giant. It designs and manufactures commercial vehicles for the Indian market. They own three commercial
vehicle brands. Their manufacturing plants are at Perungudi (Chennai) and Oragadum (Kanchipuram) in Tamil Nadu.



A company’s assets and their tracking form one of the key drivers for enabling complete traceability in its processes. The inability to track and trace returnable assets results in an ever-increasing financial burden on them. The client was facing a similar crisis. They were handling the movement of over 21000 pallets between various vendors every year. The process of pallet tracking was manual and wasn’t designed to provide real-time visibility, leading to shrinkages. Moreover, they had to incur higher investments in inventory of pallets, to ensure undisrupted production on assembly line. The recurring investment in these expensive assets was a superfluous expense, hitting their bottom line hard. Furthermore, lack of accountability from vendors for missing pallets was mainly due to an in-effective manual paper-based manual asset identification system. The client realized they needed an efficient real-time asset management system. 


Why mobivue asset management system

The client chose BCI for its in-depth knowledge of RFID technology, previous engagements, successful POC at their premises and tag manufacturing capabilities in any form factor through Omnia Technologies, a BCI subsidiary. Their previous association with BCI for achieving windshield (FASTAG) RFID tagging mandate compliance in manufacturing process and experience of successful deployment of deploying RTIs tracking solution for the auto industry added further to their confidence. 

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