lndia's largest glass solution manufacturer successfully tracks the movement of 38,000 pallets with 100% accuracy

About the client

The client is India's leading glass solutions manufacturing company that caters to both automotive and architectural segment. It owns 70% market share of the Indian passenger car glass market. Established in 1984, today it has presence across the globe and provides solutions like manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication and installation services.


How does India's largest glass solutions manufacturer bring real-time visibility of their 38000 returnable tracking items (RTls}?
The client is one of the leading suppliers of passenger car glass, supplying to all the major OEMs in India. They were handling the movement of over 32,000 pallets/RTls across 13 locations/facilities, which include glass manufacturing plants, warehouses, customer warehouses, and customer plants. These pallets are high-value assets and 80% of them are designed to suit an SKU of an OEM specific vehicle model. To create uninterrupted production at their plants and seamless supply to the OEMs, the client had to ensure that the right inventory was there at the right place.

Their existing method of tracking pallet movement was entirely manual which provided limited visibility & accountability. The unavailability of data in real-time created a lag in movement, resulting in delays in product delivery schedules and pallet returns from OEMs. The unavailability of the right category of pallet in the right quantity often caused delays in their manufacturing operations. 

The client realized that they needed a solution that could help them track pallet misplacement and create accountability, thereby reducing shrinkages as well as adhoc annual investments incurred in purchasing new assets. Moreover, they also needed to optimize resource engagement to ensure senior staff from the supply chain didn't need to get involved in tracking pallet availability daily


After doing a detailed analysis of the existing processes, BCI conducted a successful proof of concept for RFID-enabled asset management system, at a time when the RFID technology was at a nascent stage. BCI outcompeted major business consulting giants bidding for the project on solution pricing, process understanding, and performance delivery. Moreover, BCI credibility as a GS1 member, along with Omnia Technologies - BCl's RFID tag manufacturing subsidiary added more confidence in the client's choice


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