One of the largest ignition system manufacturers in India achieves 100% traceability compliance in the complex PCB manufacturing process

About the client

Incorporated in the year 1984, the client manufactures and supplies an entire range of digital and analog ignition products and portable engines to some of the largest automobile OEMs in the country. Adhering to traceability compliance requirements sought by their customers (OEMs) is a critical component of their success.

The challenge

The business imperative for traceability compliance in electronic manufacturing services companies has long been established. And the client is no different. They wanted to achieve 100% component level traceability in PCB manufacturing processes as part of a compliance mandate set by their customer, a global OEM giant. 

The complexities involved in electronics manufacturing traceability are reasonably large and characterized by factors such as short product lifecycles, miniaturization and use of multiple machine-driven technologies, making it extremely difficult to track errors during production. Quality assurance therefore becomes an intrinsic need requiring validation at every stage of manufacturing. The client wanted to incorporate the ‘poka-yoke’ system to eliminate scope of product defects.  They needed an agile and flexible traceability solution that could integrate the data from all machines, automate manufacturing rules and maximize their production efficiency.

Why mobivue manufacturing operations management

BCI’s team of experts ran a detailed study of the existing processes and suggested an integrated MES solution for the client. mobivue manufacturing operations management for SMT (surface mount technology) lines is specifically designed to offer complete traceability of SMT and PCB manufacturing processes and can be configured to meet specific requirements of PCB manufacturers.  Furthermore, the fact that it seamlessly integrates with the entire range of machines of different makes and models and with the client’s ERP added more confidence in their choice.

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