An electronic company ensures timely supply of medical consumables across India and reduction of inventory wastage with the help mobivue

Industry: Electronics

Warehouses: 20

Number of SKUs: 40,000


About the client

The client is a wholly-owned subsidiary, established in the year 2007. They are the leaders in imaging industries providing solutions in digital cameras, photoimaging, medical products, graphic arts, life science systems, motion picture films, recording media, and industrial products. They are pioneers in digital diagnostic imaging providing solutions like “FCR” digital x-ray imaging and diagnostic systems, “Synapse” a medical-use picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), Dry imaging films / Dry imagers, X-ray films, Radiopharmaceuticals, Digital endoscopes, and Nucleic acid isolation systems.


The client wanted to create batch traceability for tracking the warranty of their products and improve inventory management at the warehouse. The client’s warehouses were handling more than 40,000 SKUs of various product categories that were being sourced from different vendors. The products received from vendors did not have any unique identification which made it difficult to track their source and batch at the time of picking. The entire process of updating each transaction in the ERP (SAP) was manual which hindered real-time visibility of available inventory and warehouse operations. Lack of batch traceability often resulted in reassigning the date of manufacturing, affecting their warranty period and performance, adding to huge financial loss to the company. The processes were highly dependent on workers, making them time-consuming and error-prone, leading to wrong dispatch and inventory shrinkage.

Why mobivue warehouse management system

BCI did a detailed analysis of operations at the client’s warehouse and devised a barcode-enabled warehouse management system. The solution was successfully
deployed across all the 20 warehouses with minimal downtime. The solution’s ability to seamlessly integrate with the existing ERP (SAP) and create batch traceability across inventory made the client choose mobivue . BCI’s market reputation of having served some of the largest brands in the industry for their warehousing and other supply chain needs added more confidence in their choice.


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