mobivue asset management system increases effective utilisation of chlorine tonners for leading chemical giant; reduces CAPEX and improves productio

About the client

The client is a leading business conglomerate with a group turnover of 7,063 crores. It has manufacturing facilities of fertilizers, chloro vinyl & cement in Kota (Rajasthan) and of chlor- alkali in Bharuch (Gujarat). The combined manufacturing capacity of their Kota and Bharuch plant is approx 4.5 lakh tons of chlor-alkali and they produce 3.9 lakh tons of chlorine as a by-product per year. The chlorine produced at the plant is supplied to various industries across the country.


The client wanted to achieve higher visibility and traceability in the movement of chlorine tonners to ensure worker safety at the plants 

Since chlorine is a highly reactive substance, the client needed a system that ensured that its containers/chlorine tonners were being cleaned, tested and maintained regularly to avoid accidents in the plants. Their existing process for recording and updating data in the ERP (SAP) was manual, offering little visibility of operations and no real-time information on the chlorine tonners’ whereabouts. The client was facing difficulty in tracking the lifecycle of the tonners. There was no visibility if the tonners that were being dispatched to their customers, had completed quarantine time. They didn’t have accurate data on the total inventory of tonners available in the plant which resulted in overstocking. They were dependent on workers to validate and verify the status of tonners, if they had completed their maintenance check before reaching the filling station which caused unnecessary delays in the process. The physical reconciliation of tonners took days and required them to stop all operations, leading to business loss. The client realized that with the increasing size of business they would need a solution that would provide live updates on the chlorine tonner status at all points of time. They needed a solution that generated reliable and real-time information, created a better process, and reduced operational delays and informational errors.

Why mobivue asset management system

BCI did an extensive study of plants and created an RFID-enabled end-to-end solution for tracking the movement of chlorine tonners inside the plant premises. The solution took five days to get deployed at both the plants and required just two days of workforce training. The client chose BCI’s mobivue asset management system for its modular and scalable structure and its ability to seamlessly integrate with their existing ERP, generating real-time information for every transaction carried out in the plant. BCI’s reputation and past success in deploying varied supply chain solutions across  industries added confidence in their choice

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