mobivue helps in tracking product genealogy and brings batch traceability in crucible manufacturing operations

About the client

The client manufactures and sells crucibles and allied refractory products. They manufacture silicon carbide crucibles, clay graphite crucibles, and carbon and graphite accessories of crucibles. They are recognized as worldwide leaders in the supply of crucibles to non-ferrous metals industries and specialize in providing melting solutions to foundries, die-casters, and metal melting facilities covering applications including zinc, precious metals, aluminum, copper/brass/bronze, and other non-ferrous metals.


The client wanted to track product genealogy and bring batch traceability in their finished goods. Crucibles being expensive products have a highly critical manufacturing process. It requires the right raw material consistency, machine calibration, and set procedures to produce high-quality products. The existing manual method of recording and updating the data into ERP (SAP) failed to provide real-time visibility on the floor operations of the warehouse and plant. There was limited information on the inventory availability in the warehouse with no means of tracking and tracing the source. The physical validation and verification of material at every stage by workers resulted in delays. The existing system was unable to provide accurate data on critical parameters such as the quantity of material consumed during production, details of the operator on the machine, completion of quarantine time of WIP inventory and accuracy of the process followed at the plant. Lack of traceability failed in actively monitoring product rejection
and take corrective actions at the right time. 

Why mobivue manufacturing operations management
BCI’s team studied the processes and operations, and created a QR-code based manufacturing operation management solution for the client. The solution’s ability to track the production operation for crucibles at a temperature as high as 1200 C and bring visibility and traceability in operations was a huge plus for the client. The solution seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP (SAP) and provided real-time data of all transactions that enabled the client in better management of their operations.

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