SaaS-based mobivue asset management system facilitates monitoring of presence, utilization and maintenance of 150000+ field deployed assets

About the client

The client is India’s largest food product marketing company with a turnover of US$ 4.8 billion. Their daily milk procurement is approx. 23 million liters that are collected from 18700 village milk cooperative societies and 3.6 milk producers in 33 districts of Gujarat.


The client wanted higher traceability of field assets and increased visibility of their usage by retailers. They have a total of 150000+ field assets deployed at retailers' outlets across the country. Their existing process of updating asset data in the ERP was manual and hence prone to errors. It comprised of collecting data by way of conducting field surveys, making the entire operation cumbersome and time-consuming. The result was the unavailability of real-time information on assets, their usage by retailers and details about the manufacturers/vendors of these assets. Inability to track the vendor/manufacturer details for the assets at the time of warranty claim or maintenance resulted in the financial burden for the same falling on the client. Moreover, the client was unable to validate the accuracy
of the assets' current location with the one at the time of installation. The client realized the need for a solution that would create real-time visibility of operations
and enable better optimization of the process

Why mobivue asset management system

BCI’s team studied the processes and operations and created a QR-code based asset tracking system for the client. The solution’s ability to create end-to-end traceability of assets (from manufacturers to retailers) made them choose mobivue. The solution was successfully deployed in seven weeks with record zero downtime across all dealerships and retailers for the client in India.

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