Club 21

Building intelligence in inventory visibility for a seamless customer experience

About Club 21

Established in the year 1972, Club 21 today is Asia's leading luxury fashion retailer with approximately 400 stores across the continent. They own 6 stores across Singapore and own exclusive brand franchises for Armani Exchange- an accessible fashion brand inspired by street-chic culture.


The business of retail is hypersensitive to the fast-changing demands of the customer. It is further intensified by shorter product life cycles and seasonal assortments. In order to keep upbeat with the increasing competition and reducing customer tolerance, the client needed a solution that could expedite the material movement processes and thereby improve supply lead times. They wanted to improve their customer experience by bringing in speed and accuracy in their processes.

Their existing barcode-based system caused delays in stock-taking, material-replenishment and inventory audits. Moreover, limited information on market consumption, consumer behavior, and product performance was making it difficult for them to plan their material supply. There were recurring cases of inventory pileups, stock-outs, and inventory shrinkage. 

Why mobivue item level intelligence 

BCI’s team of experts conducted a detailed study of the existing processes and operations at the client’s retail outlets and devised the mobivue item-level intelligence solution, powered by RFID. The team ran a pilot project at one of the stores for a month to test and analyze the impact of the solution. After the success of the pilot, the solution was deployed in all six outlets of the client. 

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