NTF optimizes operational costs using mobivue warehouse management system

Industry: Automotive    

Region: India

About NTF 
NTF India is a leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of engineering plastic and composite parts focused on delivering innovative products and solutions to the automotive industry at large. Effective management of raw materials and finished goods at their warehouse is a critical component of their success. 

How do you accurately trace movement of items in your warehouse using a manual piecemeal, error-prone approach? For NTF, the process was previously very slow and unorganized.
At any given day, week or month, the NTF warehouse management team would be struggling with problems in managing and controlling item movement across various parts of the warehouse, tracking items stored in multiple locations across the warehouse. On top of it, they had almost no control over inventory and were dependent on paper-based/manual methods of data recording. 
Since NTF manufactures auto components which are directly used by OEMs in production line, ensuring that the accurate material goes to the manufacturing floor is critical for their success. They desperately needed an end-to-end traceability of their warehouse operations.

Why mobivue warehouse management system
NTF was looking for a comprehensive traceability solution that could provide complete control and visibility of item movement and data to the store managers, in real-time. This meant proper streamlining of each warehouse activity, inventory management, stock checks, tracking and tracing of issuance and movement of all machines, moulds and materials.  
They chose BCI’s mobivue warehouse management system. mobivue WMS comfortably handles complex inventory challenges and offers accurate visibility of operational data captured through mobility devices in the warehouse.

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