India’s leading auto ancillary achieves 99% item traceability across RM warehouse, plant and FG warehouse with mobivue

Industry: Automotive
Number of Plants and Warehouse: 5

About the client
The client is one of the largest manufacturers of auto components and accessories like transmission gears, transmission shafts, alternator components, starter motor components, magneto components, and steering components. Headquartered in New Delhi, they have been principal component partners for many national and international automobile manufacturers for the past 16 years. They have an employee strength of 3000+ people present in 5 locations that include Gurgaon, Haridwar, Manesar, Bengaluru, and Rohtak.

The client wanted to have visibility of its warehouses and plant operations and create end-to-end batch traceability of its products. The manual data collection process failed to provide real-time information on available inventory, material consumption during production, and final output. They were dependent on the workforce for material identification, inventory updates, and quality checks. This often led to batch mixing and delays, the dispatch errors were as high as 5%. The recurring cases of material return increased the operation cost and resulted in dissatisfaction among their customers.

Why BCI manufacturing operations management & warehouse management system
The client realized that the growth and sustenance of their business in the fast-changing auto component industry would require them to deliver a higher quality product at a faster speed and with no scope of error.
mobivue state-of-art and scalable warehouse management system and manufacturing operations management solutions created the much-needed visibility in the floor operations.

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