How a consumer durables company accelerated material flow from FG warehouses to meet market demand using mobivue

Industry: Consumer Durables
Number of Warehouses: 19
Region: Pan India
Number of transactions handled per year: 42 Million per year

About the client
The company is a leading consumer durables brand in India manufacturing UPS, Batteries, Fans, Wires, Switches and LED lighting. With 70,000+ dealer network spread across 36+ countries, they have catered to more than 70 million happy customers in the past 30 years.

The client wanted to achieve higher visibility in their warehouse operations to plan their product supply process better. Their 19 warehouses stored 1000+ SKUs for inverters, batteries, and fans and were handling approximately 42 million transactions in a year. The manual data capturing process failed to provide information in real-time. They were dependent on manual process of product and inventory verification, which created dispatch errors, leading to business loss caused by the unavailability of products in the market. This further resulted in dissatisfaction among dealers and had started to have an adverse impact on customers' loyalty

Why mobivue warehouse management system 
BCI conducted a two-week study at client’s finished goods warehouses and proposed mobivue warehouse management system to them. The solution was deployed in three months and required two weeks of staff training to be up and running.

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