A consumer durables company achieves 99% traceability in their inverter warranty claims with mobivue manufacturing operations management

Industry: Consumer Durable
Number of Plants: 2
Region: Himachal Pradesh, India
Number of transactions handled per year: 1cr+ per year

Business impact: 99% batch traceability

The company is a leading consumer durables brand in India manufacturing UPS, Batteries, Fans, Wires, Switches, and LED lighting. With 70,000+ dealer network spread across 36+ countries, they have catered to more than 70 million happy customers in the past 30 years

The client wanted to bring batch traceability in their inverter manufacturing process to be able to track the key components -PCBs, transformers and, cabinets against warranty claims received. The current system failed to offer a unique identity to the key components used in production. Furthermore, the manual process of item verification and process validation caused errors during assembly leading to critical manufacturing issues. The paper-based data collection did not provide real-time visibility in plant operations. They were unable to manage inventory and monitor material consumption during production

Why mobivue manufacturing operation management  
BCI conducted a two-week study at client’s production plants to understand their manufacturing operations and developed a customized mobivue manufacturing operations management solution. It was successfully deployed at both the plants in three months with minimum downtime.

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