Global FMCG giant achieves complete batch traceability in warehouse operations with mobivue warehouse management system

Industry: FMCG
Number of warehouses: 4 Hubs and 27 C&Fs
Number of transactions handled per year: 50,00,000

The client is an American multinational consumer products company focused on the production, distribution, and provision of household, health care, and personal care products. The company’s finished goods warehouse model in India comprises of 4 major warehouse hubs and 27 C&F agents who are responsible for distributing the products to distributors and further to retailers.

Streamlining of the warehouse management operations and visibility in the supply chain to address product / batch recall.

The client was looking to improve the efficiency of their finished goods warehouse operations. Their existing process of data collection was manual and piecemeal with no means of validating the accuracy of data. Owing to lack of automated means to track and trace individual items within the warehouse, the company was facing troubles in material management often leading to incorrect or short material dispatch.

Considering the sensitivity of the industry they operate in coupled with steep competition, they needed absolute control on batch recalls, tracking of aging inventory in the warehouse while adhering to FEFO rules in terms of material movement within the warehouse.

Why mobivue warehouse management system
The client was looking for a robust and flexible warehouse management system that could help them streamline their finished goods warehouse by creating an electronic data trail of inventory. A system that enabled 100% visibility and batch traceability of finished goods’ inventory along with their movement within and outside the warehouse.

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