Leading footwear retailer achieves 99% accuracy in order shipment rates with mobivue warehouse management system

Industry: FMCG
Number of warehouse: 1
Region: India
Business impact: 99% accuracy in reported dispatches

The client is a leading footwear manufacturer and the largest shoe retailer in India. Their network of 30,000 dealers and 1375 retail stores cater to millions of customers in metros, mini-metros, and towns.

The client was troubled by the incorrect dispatch of products from its FG warehouse to retailers. Their existing paper-based mode of data entry was error-prone, leading to incorrect order dispatches. Lack of product identification created low visibility and traceability of available inventory leading to increased shrinkages. Moreover, lack of real-time data and increased dependency on manual labour in material and order verification led to incessant delays, resulting in slow order fulfilment rate.

Why mobivue warehouse management system
They mobivue warehouse management system for its modular and scalable architecture that could meet the increasing manufacturing capacity. BCI’s team did an intensive study of the warehouse operations and devised a barcode-enabled solution. 

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