India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer reduces dispatch errors, transforming customer experience using mobivue dealer management system

Industry: Automotive
Number of Dealers: 150
Region: PAN India
Number of orders handled per year: 1.9mn 

The client is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. It is also the market leader in India where it has a market share of about 46% in the two-wheeler category. With a vast network of the dealership, they sell more two-wheeler than the second, third and fourth-placed two-wheeler companies put together.

The client was facing difficulty in efficiently managing the supply of spare parts from its dealers to retailers. The two-wheeler giant has a network of 150 master dealerships supplying spare parts to retailers pan India. Every dealership received around 5000 orders per day. Their entire process of counting, verifying and recording the orders was manual, thereby consuming a lot of time-consuming and highly susceptible to errors. This made order tracking difficult with no means to validate the accuracy of the material received. The available information was piecemeal and failed to provide real-time visibility on inventory, pending invoices, and dispatches.

Why mobivue dealer management system
BCI’s team of experts did a detailed study of the dealership operations and designed a barcode-enabled mobivue dealer management system for the client.

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