Leading fast food chain reduces order cycle time for 100+ SKUs using pick & put-to-light-powered mobivue warehouse management system

Industry: FMCG
Number of warehouse: 1
Number of stores: 150+
Region: NCR, India
Number of transactions handled per year:

The client is one of India's largest food service companies. It holds master franchise rights for two international brands. They are the market leaders in the pizza segment and have their presence in 1200+ outlets across India. With more than 27000 brand ambassadors, the company is committed to delivering quality services at a consistent rate to its customers.

The client wanted to bring in more visibility, accuracy, and speed in the warehouse operations of its pizza brand. The warehouse was handling shipments of approximately 7000 items in different combinations that were being sent to the 150 stores in the region. Their existing paper-based system of capturing data for material picking and packing provided little visibility in operations. Moreover, the manual mode verifying, segregating and sorting material was susceptible to errors and created delays in material dispatch. The order pickers were unable to process orders for multiple stores in one picking cycle.

Why mobivue warehouse management system
BCI's team conducted a three-day long study of the client’s warehouse operations and suggested mobivue warehouse management system powered with advanced Pick & Put-to-light features.

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