Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul records 99% accuracy in reported inventory levels using mobivue warehouse management solution

Industry: Automotive
Region: INDIA

99%Inventory Visibility
5000 SKU's Managed
20,000 Successful Transactions handled per day

Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenecco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) is an American multinational supplying automotive components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarkets. Effective MRP (material requirement planning) based tracking of material and inventory management of raw materials and finished goods at their warehouse is a critical component of their success.

Federal-Mogul Motor parts had so far been struggling to efficiently manage their warehouse operations. With no means to effectively identify individual items, they had huge difficulty in keeping track of material moving within the warehouse. Due to manual error-prone mode of recording data, they had poor control and visibility of inventory at any given point in time. The situation was worsened by improper material management leading to incorrect material packing and dispatch. 

Why mobivue warehouse Management System.
The company was looking for a top-flight warehouse management system that could automate their material handling and management process across RM and FG stores. They chose BCIL's mobivue  WMS, for its extremely modular structure which could essentially cater to all their requirements.

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