IoT Powered Solutions – The Answer to a COMPLEX COVID19 Vaccine Supply Chain
Industry: Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Transport, Warehousing

Region: Global

  • Location Monitoring
  • Inventory track and trace
  • Condition Monitoring

After successfully dodging most of the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic threw at us in 2020, India finally is at a point where the vaccines are all set to roll out and reach the general populace. However, one last challenge remains: the safe and timely distribution of the vaccines, something the average Indian supply chain isn’t ready to meet yet. Essentially, for the efficient distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, it is very crucial to closely monitor the supply chain right from manufacturing to administration and technology can be the most appropriate answer to this challenge


  •    Transport of the Covid19 Vaccine
  •    Safe and tamper proof storage
  •    Challenges in the Distribution of the Vaccines
  •    Data collection and visibility

Why BCI Inteliiot Senskon Plus

BCI’s solutions have been trusted by major companies across industries for years. For over two decades we have worked with some of the biggest enterprises around the globe. Our 250+ strong team has deep domain knowledge in the market verticals such as retail, transport & logistics and manufacturing. Our IoT solution is robust and addresses all challenges

  •    Easy to implement IoT solution, effective
  •    Geo Tracking and adding visibility to inventory
  •    Visibility across transport
  •    Cloud enabled
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