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Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) is not in any way a new invention. In fact, this piece of technology has been around for 38 years, with the first recorded use in the year 1983 (the same year as India’s first Cricket World Cup victory). However, RFID in warehousing is a relatively new disruption, a welcome change, making warehousing and distribution much easier and cheaper. If you lack clarity on how RFID works or its benefits, or simply looking for guidance on where you can buy RFID UHF tags online, you’re in the right place.

How Does RFID technology work?

RFID belongs to a category of technology that is commonly called Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). As a category, AIDC attempts to automatically identify different objects and collect and input data with minimal (sometimes zero) human intervention.

RFID technology, as the name suggests, utilizes radio waves to accomplish this purpose. In a barebones structure, RFID systems consist of three pieces – RFID tags, RFID reader, and an antenna. The tags (often called the smart labels) contain an integrated circuit that emits radio frequencies through the antenna, converted by the reader to a usable format, later to be stored in a computer. The technology can be used for many different purposes, such as inventory management, ID badging, and warehouse management.

Benefits of RFID in Warehouse Management

Now that we understand how RFID technology works let’s take a look into the different benefits of using RFID in your warehouse.

  1. Reduction in Labor costs – Labor can be utilized efficiently, as everything from picking, packing, and shipping inventory is made easier and less time consuming with RFID.
  2. Improved Traceability and Accountability – RFID technology helps you stay on top of your inventory 24/7. This also has the added advantage of ensuring that the appropriate goods reach the customers at the required time.
  3. Data Accuracy and Usability – Accurate and efficient data is generated, giving you the details necessary to better manage your inventory.
  4. Manage assets in Real-time – Specialty tags like Jewelry tags, and IT asset tags, help you manage specific high-value assets in real-time.
  5. Compliance – RFID tags can store all the necessary regulatory information, such as manufacture and expiry dates, serial numbers, place of manufacture, among other things.

Supplementing existing barcode systems with RFID systems can be a huge difference-maker in your warehouse.

Different Types of RFID tags and Where to Buy Them

RFID UHF tags (UHF – Ultra High Frequency, suitable for warehouse and distribution) come in different shapes, usually sizes for different purposes. There are asset-specific RFID tags, such as the jewelry tags and IT asset tags, as mentioned earlier, helping in tracking specific high-value assets.

There are also Innova tags, made for harsh environments and long-range passive tagging, and the Endura tag – designed for metallic surfaces and high durability. Then there are crate tags, micro tags for metallic surfaces, micro tags for nonmetallic surfaces, and smart labels, some of the standard variations available at the Barcode India’s Webstore.

These tags aren’t the end of the list of products on offer at the RFID section at the web store. The RFID printer ZD500R is an extremely popular product that enables you to print RFID tags and occupies very little space.

BCI also offers RFID portals, which act as an automatic attendance system, without wasting time in biometric scanning. The portals, along with capturing the in and out movement of the employees, also monitors the movement of third-party people, providing you with all the data you’d ever require.

Why Barcode India?

Barcode India has been a crucial factor in the warehouse management solutions of businesses with our mobiVUE WMS. We’ve catered to organizations such as Domino’s, Hamilton, Bata, Canon, Colgate, Blue Star, and Lava to name a few, and are proud of facilitating over a billion transactions a year.  With the mobiVUE  warehouse management system, your organization can be guaranteed 100% traceability compliance, 100% inventory visibility, more storage space optimization, and an increase in the speed of order fulfillment.

Did our RFID solutions catch your attention? Get in touch, and see what we can do for your organization now!

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