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Radio-frequency identification or RFID technology involves automatic identification and tracking of tags fixed on objects using electromagnetic radio waves. An RFID system consists of a reader that has one or more antennas that can emit and receive radio waves. The other component is the tags attached to the objects. These tags can receive radio signals and relay them back which further helps in the identification of the tags and other information associated with them.

A key aspect of RFID is that it eliminates the manual checking of barcodes and the restriction of working with one tag at a time. Since RFID technology uses electromagnetic waves, the readers can identify tags from a distance without any manual inputs. Along with this, a reader can identify multiple tags at the same time, cutting down time wasted on manual checks.

As it might appear by now, RFID has been a game-changer for business operations. Let’s take a look at how RFID tech boosts bottom lines:

#1 Time-efficiency by cutting wait times

How to increase your profits with RFID technology

A long queue of inventory or shipping-ready products tends to increase wait time when relying on a long tedious manual process of verifying each item. This is not only a striking wastage of time but also invites more costs to compensate the handlers. Again, the long hours significantly increase the chances of human errors further sabotaging the process.

As businesses have realized, RFID technology solutions can identify and track multiple tags at the same time. This leads to a quick check of inventory and disbursal of products at a quick pace without holding up the line. The elimination of wait time can also aid you in better utilizing your manual employee force.

#2 Seamless cashless transactions

An RFID system can promote cashless transactions making your transaction time short and driving up your sales. RFID solutions can be incorporated in the payment line where the payees can pay through their credit or debit card connected to an RFID item, such as a wristband or a token. The customer can simply make the payments through a scan and payment verification.

Going cashless will also eliminate the requirement of long paper receipts and can be replaced with e-bills sent directly on the customer’s contact number.

#3 Paperless and hassle-free solution

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RFID tags can help a business in keeping simple and precise data charts of the object movement right from the inventory stage to the product delivery. The tags can offer insights into the operations the object went through in the chain with exact timestamps. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The RFID tags based on the identification can also hold records of manufacture time and place, product quality grade, batch number, delivery date and client, shipping information and other information crucial to your business. This successfully eliminates the requirement of making and maintaining a long paper trail of an item. Further, it aids in quick access to the details of a product with a single tap making it much more convenient.

#4 Better customer satisfaction and engagement

In a retail set-up, manual scanning of each item can be cumbersome and often keeps the customer stuck in tiring wait lines. RFID technology eliminates the single product check routine and offers the ability to check multiple items at the same time. This increases the pace of the check out line and leads to better contented and satisfied customers.

Also, your staff has additional time to engage and help customers that are bound to reflect on the increased rate of recurring customers.

You are also able to take charge of your inventory and stocking operations quickly and accurately. The details regarding stock availability and demand are updated in real-time to efficiently manage your inventory needs. The quick response to stocking will also lead to higher customer satisfaction since you do not let your products go out of stock, or reduce the time-lapsed while re-stocking.

#5 Avoid loss and theft of items

Missing items at any stage can hammer a serious dent in your profits. Therefore a dependable framework is required to track missing items and curb product theft. Here’s where RFID jumps in.
RFID attached items can be monitored and their positions logged based on their movement. Businesses can compare the movement of items to determine which items were sold and which items were swindled at what time as well as place. This will aid the business in tracking down the missing item, and if a situation arises, then help the company in presenting admissible evidence in the court if a theft takes place.

RFID tags can also be used to keep track of items offered to the employees. This will help the company determine if any company device leaves the ground along with time details and other information.

#6 Improvement of marketing and personalization efforts

RFID items can help in marketing the right kind of product to a customer based on their selection and choice. This will eliminate pushing irrelevant products, which often frustrates the customers. RFID also promotes customized and personalized solutions for each customer. An RFID empowered personalized setup can offer customers the opportunity for customizing items such as dresses, shoes, and jewelry among others. Personalization can increase sales and invite more profits, since research by Epsilon showed that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer personalized experience.

BCI’s Diverse Range of RFID solutions

Every business works uniquely and requires specifically tailored solutions to mitigate its problems. At BCI, our team of highly-skilled professionals have created a diverse range of RFID solutions that can boost the efficiency and potential of your business operations. Here are a few of them:

Efficiently manage your assets and eliminate risks.

Empower your dealers with effective processes to build a happy customer base.

Empower the efficiency and pace of your supply chain and operations.

Enhance traffic management and vehicle turnaround time in your factory premises.

Effectively control and oversee your sourcing requirements with complete traceability of goods.

Optimize the functioning of your warehouse operations.

Oversee and track your deliverables for unparalleled customer service.[/vc_column_text]

And BCI delivers what it promises. Let’s look at an example of how our services can mitigate your operations issues.

Leading by example: BCI’s RFID success story

BCI aims to supercharge your operations with unique solutions aimed to bring the most out of your existing setups or help you build a new operational framework.

Let’s look at the case of the chemical plant in Bhavnagar, Gujarat that was facing an issue of long wait times for trucks carrying inventory and products. The company witnessed a movement of more than 800 trucks every day on the plant premises with an average weighbridge process time for each truck being a staggering 20 minutes. Take a look at how our team of professionals crafted a specialized solution for the plant-based on intensive research that brought down vehicle turnaround time by 80%!

You can learn more about the problem and the solution offered here.

Luckily, you do not need to compromise your business operations anymore. RFID is the next step that you need to take for the advancement of your business. Select the best type of solution that you need for your business or simply contact us here and let our team of competent professionals find and design the best RFID solution for your enterprise.

We’re always happy to help.

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