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As machines are getting smarter by the day, we have witnessed some great use cases revolutionizing the way businesses operate on multiple verticals. From manufacturing to optimizing distribution channels, developments in technology have given businesses a different perspective on how they choose to operate, often causing a direct increase in their performance. The liquor industry is no stranger to these developments, as evidenced by how crucial a role factory automation is playing in recent days. With the increasing competition in the liquor industry and the resultant fight for price leadership, liquor barons have found factory automation to be the solution towards maximum profitability and efficiency.  In this post, we talk about exactly what factory automation implies along with its benefits, and how it’s taking the liquor industry by a storm.

What is Factory Automation?

Factory Automation can be defined as incorporating multiple pieces of technology to automate the various processes of production. In manufacturing environments, automation makes use of different systems (usually robotic, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems) to create a much larger, automated system. These machines use what is called Machine Vision, a system of high-res cameras, sometimes with 3D capabilities throughout the process of production. For the liquor industry, this could mean several applications – right from monitoring the harvest, to assembly line verifications and quality tests.

Automation need not be completely automatic, without any human interference (although industry 4.0 is more than just a vision right now). Automation can start from making a completely manual process to partially manual – where simple tasks can be automated, while trained professionals take the final call to completely automated factories (interestingly called “dark factories” as these factories can run 24*7*365 without human interference).

Benefits of Factory Automation

Factory Automation comes with numerous benefits, apart from just cost efficiency which we had discussed. Yes, it does decrease the money one would spend on labour in the long run, and factory automation is more bank for the buck. However, its benefits are far more than mere cost savings and increased profitability.

  1. Increased Consistency: Unlike with human beings, machines do not operate on erratic patterns. Human beings tend to have days with varying levels of productivity, but with machines, productivity is often constant and predictable.
  2. Optimum Utilization of Resources: Factory Automation Processes will give business owners all the data they need on how to best manage their resources. It becomes extremely easy on how much raw material you need for your next batch of liquor, and cuts down on wastage, with optimally measured inputs. The margin for human error is also significantly reduced
  3. Increased Efficiency: Factory Automation helps speed up the manufacturing process, from preparing the brew, to storing, bottling, and warehousing your product. You will have ultimate efficiency with all the control you need to increase the number of bottles you sell this year.
  4. Safer, Humane Working Condition: Irrespective of the effort you put into making your factory a safe working space, it is of no doubt that factories are accident-prone zones. As a direct result of factory automation, the number of mishaps vastly reduces, making your factory a much safer place to work at.
  5.  Quality of the Brew: Unlike with traditional methods, where businesses are forced to spend a lot of time and resources to ensure the high quality of the final brew, factory automation processes powered by machine vision helps you deliver the best quality brew with minimal associated costs.

Factory Automation and Liquor – A Match Made in Heaven

Without a doubt, the liquor industry has gained significantly from factory automation processes. Since liquor must be aged (stored for an extensive period of time) warehouse management and automation may prove to be just as important as factory automation is.

If you’re looking to automate your factory or enhance your warehouse management capabilities, Barcode India has just what you need. Whether you’re looking for hardware machine vision solutions like In-Sight 8000 vision system, or Warehouse Management Systems like mobiVUE, we are sure to have just what you need. Reach out to us, and find out exactly how we can help your business succeed!



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