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Regardless of industries and sectors, technological advancements and ever-changing consumer behaviour have opened the door to new ways of communicating with customers and delivering the necessary products or services. Automobile dealerships are one such category of businesses that must adjust to evolving customer expectations.

When buying or selling an automobile, the ultimate objective for most stakeholders is convenience. Even before they reach the dealership, most people prefer to have all relevant information about a car. As a result, an effective dealer management system that delivers complete functionality and information on automobiles to both customers and dealers has become critical for businesses.

Today, a DMS can accomplish its intended objective of assisting dealers in managing their entire business from a single platform. Additionally, multiple integrations assist in consolidating processes and data into a hub of tools, resulting in improved efficiency, more deals, and ultimately more money.

Curious to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about what a DMS is, why you need them, and how they may help your dealership.

What is a Dealer Management System (DMS)?

A dealer management system (DMS) is essentially a software suite that dealers use to run their businesses. DMS platforms allow business owners to monitor dealership operations more efficiently by bringing together the various aspects of a dealership on a single interface, such as managing their vehicle inventory and deals, customer information, credit reports, printing paperwork, and more.

A typical dealer management system (DMS) serves a wide range of needs, including pre-sales, sales, purchasing, after-sales, inventory management, financial accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, etc.

Why do you need a DMS?

Dealers in the automobile business are frequently burdened by obstacles such as outdated technology, rigid contracts, inefficient procedures, lack of visibility, lack of reporting, etc. This is where a DMS comes in.

By integrating all the tools needed onto a single platform, dealer management systems enable a dealership to accomplish the various day-to-day duties that their business faces. Dealers can also manage their businesses more efficiently without having to log into separate systems to manage inventory and follow up on leads.

Additionally, through the software integrations made possible with a DMS, dealers can also manage their entire business in one cloud-based dealership software application. The integrations built into the software allows for a streamlined exchange of information between all operational areas of the dealership.

While a DMS’s features and capabilities vary by system, most DMS’s come with core functions such as inventory and customer management, deal structuring and contracting, reporting capabilities, service scheduling and productivity trackers, lead management quoting, etc. Without a doubt, a solid DMS will save you money, increase the efficiency of your business processes, and improve your dealership’s customer experience.

How a DMS improves the overall dealership experience

Here’s how a DMS can enhance your overall dealership experience.

Streamlined processes

A quality DMS makes it possible to automate processes, track important metrics, and monitor operations, all from a single interface.  Everything will be readily managed, thereby eliminating any day-to-day inefficiencies.

Better customer experience

A good DMS gives you all the relevant information right at your fingertips. This allows dealerships to speed up their sales process, minimize bottlenecks, and effectively manage appointments.

Improved growth and profitability

Because a DMS can provide a bird’s-eye view of all aspects of a business, it may be used to make smarter decisions, identify areas where profits are being wasted, and foster areas with significant potential. A DMS also makes it easier to extract key insights from data and access them in the form of simply readable reports. As a result, information accuracy improves, allowing for improved decision-making and strategy formulation.

Data-driven decisions and marketing strategies

A good DMS will harness the potential of data not just from within the business but also from external systems and social media. This will aid salespeople in closing deals in the showroom and service advisers in forecasting vehicle or product failure. Modern DMSs may also assist in creating campaigns through the usage of social media and the subsequent monitoring of outcomes. With this data, businesses may better evaluate which marketing strategies work best and which do not.

Improved time efficiency and cost savings

It is easier for users to learn and operate dealer management systems because they have intuitive workflows and a consistent screen interface. As a result, employees will be able to get up to speed and become more productive, resulting in increased time efficiency. Additionally, by automating administrative functions, identifying, and reducing excess supplies, and becoming digital, a good DMS also helps dealers to make significant cost savings.

Mobivue DMS from Bar Code India

If you’re looking for a quality DMS that will be of significant value to your dealership, look no further than Bar Code India’s (BCI) dealer management solutions. BCI is India’s leading provider of supply chain solutions. The mobivue DMS from BCI offers dealerships a completely new experience through its comprehensive all-in-one solution.

The mobivue DMS essentially provides a single platform for businesses to manage their operations across regions and time zones. Avoiding overstocking and obsolescence, improved inventory accuracy, significant time and cost savings, and superior customer satisfaction are just a few of the perks of mobivue DMS.

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