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Bar Code India

Ushering in a new decade, Bar Code India has moved into a creative and stimulating new workspace.

2020 turned out to be like nothing anyone anticipated. Pandemic aside, it made companies relook at strategies to sustain and grow in a sharper light. Repurposing of business vision was suddenly not unheard of for organizations as they moved towards realigning their strengths in newer ways.

At BCI, our greatest strength is our people. They are our most treasured asset and our measure of success. Our people weave magic for us because we give them space to create, to stimulate, to professionally grow. And it is with this thought, BCI moved into a brand-new creative workspace in February 2021.

As a team-member and a part of a high-voltage work environment, there is nothing that is as rewarding as a workplace, which is an extension of your personality. So here is a peek into our new office! It’s creative, it’s exciting, it’s bright, it’s BCI.

Because Inspiration Is Infectious

Work-from-home was the buzzword all of last year and across industries. But with offices taking precautions for the safety of their employees, all of us were eager to rejoin office. I know how stimulating the company of colleagues can be. I vouch for charged-up brainstorming sessions. I equally looked forward to informal banter with my team. All this, and much more, makes up for a great day at work! The office excitement is infectious. Nothing beats a physical workspace full of people who are motivated, passionate and as inspired as you. I believe that this creates magic!

Our New Creative Workspace – Because ‘Office’ Is Boring

We have always believed in exceling with innovative solutions, which come from our brilliant team. Their ideas are next-level creative and it was reasonable to say that they wanted the next-level creativity launchpad. Enter the new inspiring workspace of BCI.

Bar Code India

Spacious, subtle and intelligent… this is how I would describe our new office. We are happy that our workspace is fitted with air purifiers. After all, we are as strong as our team.

With reinvigorated workstationsacross three floors, and aesthetically designed furniture, our new office-space that reflects our engaging and fun work culture.We know how important breathing space, and elbow room is to trigger genius thinking. And we wanted to leave no stone unturned in doing so.

Our New Conference Room – Because even great ideas need a spark!

Bar Code India

This is our new launchpad for innovative concepts and positive ideas. Our all-new conference room is a powerhouse of brainstorming. Equipped with the latest AV capabilities and comfortable seating, the new conference room is all about teamwork.

What inspires us to go faster, stronger, higher? It is our ‘Wall Of Fame’, our collection of our achievements and accolades over the past years, which proudly reminds us of how we exceeded expectations in all realms of our business. And how we continue to raise the bar.

Our Awesome Cafeteria – Because it’s always time for a light moment and coffee.

Bar Code India
Bar Code India

Just as serious as we are to inspire creativity, we are hard-set on giving space to our team to socially bond, to re-energize themselves. Our terrace beckons with a spectacular view a refreshing vibe. Surrounded with splendid conversations, this is my favorite spot to have lunch.

Office Time Amid Covid Times

We know how important your health is to you and to your loved ones. Therefore, we will never do anything that puts our team in the harm’s way. Rest assured, BCI is taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and welfare of its teammates.

Physical Distancing:

Offices and administrators are ensuring at least 6-foot distancing between people; especially in areas like conference areas, the cafeteria, break rooms, waiting spaces, entry and exits, etc.Social distancing norms are regularly being monitored to ensure that the team is sticking to the guidelines.

Face Cover:

Wearing masks is mandatory in offices for now, and for good reason. They are primarily intended to protect us and other people.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

As a corporate entity, BCI encourages its team-members to regularly wash their hands and sanitize them. Sanitizers have been installed in spots across the office to promote this. Also, daily cleaning up and disinfecting, specifically in places like the elevators, door handles, or light switches, has been made mandatory.

Circulation and Air Handling:

Air Filtration and circulation has been strictly enforced for improved ventilation, with open windows and doors and fans to increase the airflow within the workspace.

The new office has a great vibe to it. It is safe to say that it is an extension to our brand’s DNA and encourages our people to innovate and engage, in a rewarding and a collaborative work environment.


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