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As barcode tech itself is constantly being upgraded to keep up with the rising consumer needs and demands, the barcoding solutions you’ve been using in your warehouse also need to keep up the pace. Else, they risk being eliminated from the market. For instance, the stationary printers you keep at designated spots at your warehouse can prove to be quite incompetent. Why? Well, for starters, immobile printers mean there are increased chances of errors on your receiving labels, and the use of them also translates into your workers wasting precious time and energy taking numerous trips to the printers

The optimistic perspective is that this specific problem can be very easily solved with transportable, or mobile printers. Indeed, mobile printers are the most efficient way to eliminate most issues regarding full-size, immobile industrial label printers. It reduces printing-related footsteps and the possibilities of errors are lowered by a significant percentage. Mobile printers bring in more speed and efficacy into time-sensitive labeling operations and even a rapid ROI (return on investment).

In this post, we discuss some common applications and benefits of mobile printers. So read on if you’d like to find out more about them!

What Are Some Common Mobile Printer Applications?

Work areas that require employees to travel the farthest to get labels or any function that demands improved precision is where you can deploy mobile printers for cost-effective and better results. For instance, below we have outlined some possible applications of mobile printers in your business.

a. Labeling Items at the Receiving Area: With mobile printers, workers can apply barcode labels on incoming materials as soon as they are unloaded. This ensures 100% of the incoming goods receive barcodes, so all barcode-based automated applications can do their work right.

b. Quality Assurance: Mobile printers help create efficient labels for identifying any samples taken for quality assurance. This label would indicate all tests to be performed, and workers can further use mobile printers to stick ‘retest’ or ‘reject’ or any other such labels on the sample post the testing process.

c. Labeling Items at Putaway: Items labeled at putaway with mobile printers can be processed much faster than having a worker pick up labels from a stationary printer placed somewhere away from the putaway location.

d. Faster and More Accurate Packaging: If a worker has to walk some distance to pick up labels, it can cause for the finished items to be mislabelled, especially if there are look-alike products. However, with mobile printers, upon packaging goods, workers can immediately label the finished products to identify them correctly.

e. Track Ship-to-Order Operations: Mobile printers can make ship-to-order operations more efficient as well. After the final order assembly, workers can create shipping labels with mobile printers. This ensures packing of the right products into an order and also the order contains identification with the correct shipping label.

Business Impacts of Mobile Printers: How Could Using a Mobile Printer Benefit Your Business?

Mobile printing systems can increase productivity by a significant margin, as well as provide swift ROI, as mentioned above. A time-motion study by Zebra Technologies conducted of receiving operations clearly proves this. A warehouse worker had to take nine steps to travel from the pallet with items to be labeled to the workstation where the industrial label printer was kept. However, once they used a belt-worn mobile printer instead of walking to the printing station, it was found that pallets were labeled in 42% less time (28.11 seconds compared to the previous 49.74 seconds)! Upon the basis of the volume of products processed at that warehouse, the managers found mobile printers are providing astonishing productivity gains.

Ultimately, there are numerous ways mobile printing solutions can pay off in warehouse operations, manufacturing, distribution, and retail, depending on how you mean to leverage them. This is because mobile printers are versatile enough to handle several kinds of printing applications across your organization (as shown above), and they work to maximize your workforce’s efficiency. Not to mention mobile printers are a pretty cost-effective barcoding solution, durable enough to be serving your organization for a long time, and all the while, you’re not compromising on the essentials like print quality and reliability.

Zebra Mobile Barcode Printers:

The Barcode India Webstore offers Zebra mobile printers that come equipped to handle all your organization’s needs and can be customized to suit your industry’s requirements, be it retail, logistics, manufacturing, or even government services like utility meter reading, parking enforcement, or e-citation.

The Zebra mobile printers are designed to be durable enough to adapt to harsh, demanding work environments. They are built to survive up to 5 feet drops on concrete floors, are protected against rain, snow, or any kind of spills, and can be used below freezing temperatures or even in extreme heat. They are versatile enough to suit all your applications. From printing receipts and labels to multiple types of media, they can handle it all. Further, the Zebra ZQ120 model supports the largest media role within its category.

What’s more, the Zebra mobile printers are built for all-day use by workers who have to be on the move frequently. They are lightweight and easy to operate even one-handedly, can be charged with standard mobile phone USB chargers, and allows users to get the maximum possible use out of a single charge. The connectivity options ensure instant pairing with a host mobile device. Zebra mobile printers simplify management, and since there’s only one model, training requirements are reduced too.

At Barcode India, along with the Zebra mobile printers, we also provide complete product services and part replacement support. To find out more about barcode printers and other barcoding solutions for your business, do give our website a visit!

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