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Bar Code India

It’s rare to find a brand that touches the lives of markets as large as entire nations, and even beyond. Sure, some tech giants of today boast of users with populations larger than most countries, but it’s another challenge altogether to connect with essentially every single individual in the market, and even other businesses amidst that connection. At Bar Code India, we rather enjoy being in this rare position. Our relationship with you, and a billion other Indians, is the culmination of decades of work, passion and competency.

Bar Code India is one of the principal service providers of supply chain solutions – from BI tools to barcode printing and scanning mechanisms. Our dedicated professionals pack in decades of experience working with brands from India and beyond, across manufacturing, transport, retail, pharma and more.

Over the years, our technology and services have empowered entire industries that directly or indirectly impact nearly every Indian. Let us walk through the path of the nation’s supply chains and see how every process has been made so much simpler, quicker, and accurate with our technologies.

Right From Product Conceptualization

Have you ever wondered how your latest mobile phone came to be? And what all went into creating this masterpiece? It all begins with conceptualization, and from there it is a long journey till the phone is finally delivered to you.

Conceptualizing a product involves utility, design, and factoring in the inflow of the raw materials to make the product a reality. In a way, this is where BCI’s impact begins. From Barcodes being inexpensive to design and print, are easily incorporated in the product design and end up effectively transforming the entire supply chain.

To Making the Product a Reality

The next step here is manufacturing. When a mobile phone is made, it requires raw materials, processing, engineering and assembling. For example, sub-assemblies or raw materials that arrive at a manufacturer’s receiving dock can be easily verified to check whether they meet the requirements or not. Not only does this make verification easy for the folks responsible for checking products but also reduces the time, cost, and the possibility of errors.

But the manufacturing process involves quite a lot of additional operations, and BCI has been helping nearly every aspect here. Today’s leading organizations – brands that you purchase from, rely on and perhaps even work for – rely on cutting edge tools that give them granular visibility over their supply chain – a requirement supplemented by enterprise grade WLAN, RFID tools, and more. That phone you’re buying?It’s the culmination of several efforts leveraging these tools.

We have remained a step ahead here, and helped deliver a manufacturing system that is smart, intelligent, and efficient. Our mobiVUE manufacturing operations management solution leverages technologies like IoT to revolutionize the manufacturing process. This results in higher product traceability and genealogy, optimized utilization of resources, reduced rejections and increased productivity. As irrelevant as it may sound to an average consumer, the reduced rejections and higher production efficiency help minimize the final cost of that mobile phone that you get to purchase it at!

Warehouse Operations

This is one of the most important aspects of the supply chain. Logistics have been made so much easier while also showing great improvements in the accuracy.

With asset management systems and item-level intelligence providing real-time information, one does not need to wait for an order to be picked to know whether or not an employee has picked the right piece from the shelves. Any errors at this stage can be quickly rectified, allowing room to improve productivity and having retail sellers receive the right products without delay. In fact, warehouses that use a barcode system for inventory control maintain an accuracy of 99%. BCI’s mobiVUE warehouse management system enables workers to increase inventory visibility by as much as 100%. A data-driven system, results in an increase in storage space optimization, effective user management, and order fulfilment.  Optimized storage space means that it is now quite easy to have uniquely identifiable storage locations throughout the warehouse. The net result is that customer demands are met 12% faster !

Tracking and Tracing

With reliable real-time data, quick scanning and high accuracy, products like your smartphone are moved more profitably. But this isn’t just limited to products. It also includes vehicle-tracking systems that can reduce turnaround times, enhance efficiency and ultimately deliver cost savings while also making the process easier for employees. It’s these cost savings that translate directly into lower prices for you – the consumer.

Our mobiVUE vehicle tracking system uses the best of modern technology to enable this. Whether it’s consignment tracking across the supply chain, to container and air cargo tracking, we deliver real-time traceability solutions for companies operating within the industry.

Retail Stores

Once at the retail store, the mobile phones thus produced need to be inventoried or catalogued, following which they are sold to customers like you. Even at this stage, barcodes help your fellow Indians – retail workers, and other staff – to verify and add products to the inventory and eventually sell them to a customer. So when you order that 128 GB, granite grey version of the latest smartphone, there is a long list of processes behind that to ensure that the right model reaches you.

Real-time data allows quick cataloguing, calculation and invoicing. With high order and shipping accuracy, this helps save a lot of time and effort for workers while enabling better customer satisfaction.

The Human Factor

At the heart of every effort we make lies the commitment to serve humanity. At every step of this chain, there are real people involved – the employee scanning codes to add products to an inventory, the warehouse managers handling operations, the workers involved in transporting, the eagerly waiting customer at the end of the supply chain and everyone in between.

Our systems are reliable, versatile, inexpensive, and eliminate the possibility of human error. They reduce employee training time, and perhaps most importantly – lead to a better experience for you, regardless of what you consume, work on, or sell.

It’s a privilege to be involved with you in so many phases of our life.

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