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In today’s time, every aspect of our day-to-day life generates data, or we can say it is linked with data. The smartwatches track our walking steps, the smartphones track one’s location, where we went on holidays, what we are planning to buy, and what we are considering eating.

We all are emerging into a new world of the Internet of Things (IoT), which keeps us updated and benefits us by connecting us with things and people who are important to us.

Internet of Things (IoT), the use of this technology, has made big differences in the business world. It keeps you updated with the information that is happening, rather than what you assume has happened or may happen.


IoT devices collect data from the environment with the help of sensors via machine learning. Once the data is collected, the same is stored in a cloud.


Once the data got collected with the help of sensors, the same data is sent to the cloud using methods like satellite, Wi-Fi, and WAN. These mediums can be opted depending on the specific IoT applications one is using.

Data Processing

Once the entire data is transmitted, some data processing is done to get the necessary output. It is one of the most crucial steps in the IoT working as it helps in the complete analysis of collected data.

User Interface

The entire system needs an interface to work. It is the last step where the user gets the output of the data. In this step, the user can see the final output on their screens.

User Interface


The Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t work with a specific industry, but it works with various industries. It helps improve customer service and decision-making and adds great value to businesses by automating the complete processes. The best IoT company in India can benefit you by adding tremendous business value to your organization, increasing productivity and efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

Which Industries can be benefitted from IoT?

IoT company in India cater to the needs of every sector by making seamless communication between people, processes, and things. Here are the industries, which are being benefitted from IoT services.

1. Manufacturing

By using sensors, manufacturers can get quick alerts on the equipment’s accuracy, and as soon as they get the alert, they can remove it in advance from production. With the help of these timely alerts, they can avoid downtime and hence reduce the operating cost, and further, it will help in asset health and maintenance.

2. Pharmaceutical

IoT devices have benefitted the pharma industry a lot right from the start; it helps in all the different activities involved in the pharmaceutical industry. With the help of sensors, IoT helps in fetching the relevant data into a single dashboard. It further helps the supervisor monitor real-time data and plans their daily work accordingly. IoT devices help in providing detail about the drugs and the active ingredients. IoT helps the pharma industry in the entire process of manufacturing, logistics, and material tracking to clinical trials.

3. Automotive

There is significant use of IoT applications in the automotive sector. It helps the auto parts manufacturers on their shop floor by improving their operational efficiency and reducing the downtime on their manufacturing equipment which is only possible by the advanced alerts they receive regarding equipment’s accuracy with the help of IoT devices. IoT devices also help in giving the correct information regarding the exact number of defective pieces manufactured in the factory that help the supervisor plan the process accordingly.

4. Logistics

It may seem that inventory movement is easy, but it is actually complicated. Sensors help in real-time tracking to re-route inventory based on weather conditions. It helps track the lost shipments; accurate vessel measurements can be done. IoT application reduces the inventory movement complexities by helping in accurate and on-time deliveries.

5. Retail

IoT applications help re-shaping the retail industry by providing better opportunities for on-time delivery of goods and improving the entire supply chain process. With the help of IoT-equipped devices, the retailers get information about the inventory that is going low. One can monitor the shelf life of perishable items easily by using sensors. They can offer digital discount coupons to their customers that help in increasing their sales.

IoT has revolutionized industries. With the help of smart devices, companies are changing their business model successfully. IoT has given new opportunities for growing the business by increasing efficiency, providing deep insights about performances, and reducing operational costs.

As per the report by Mckinsey Global Institute, IoT applications have the potential to create a value of $3.7 trillion by 2025. Many companies are offering IoT services, but for good applications and better results, you can select Bar Code India, best IoT company in India. With the best IoT solutions, BCI will help you strengthen your business and take it to great heights.

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