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In the words of Arthur Clarke – any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. In today’s digital era, our cars are incorporated with several advanced hardware backed by state-of-the-art tech that could honestly fascinate someone from barely two decades ago. One such piece of technology is a vehicle tracking system – that allows gathering fleet data (location) via an interface that contains software for fleet management. This device enables functions like routing, dispatching, fleet tracking, and managing supply chains. The processes mentioned are crucial for business, as it enables vehicle tracking in real-time.

A vehicle tracking systemoperates with the assistance of digital maps, GPS, and either a GMS or GPRS connection for computers, tablets, and mobiles, recording and observing your vehicles’ entire journey. It’s an incessant rain of data being transmitted to and fro. There are several tracking systems available that collect data specifically designed to suit the varying requirements of different users.

Since this tech relies on GPS for vehicle tracking, the data acquired is prompt and accurate, making it the perfect monitoring tool. So, what makes for a good vehicle tracking system?

Precise tracking and trip records

One of the primary purposes of a fleet tracking system is to get precise data of routes instantaneously on their devices. This can make the detection of vehicles easy and quick, enabling effective organization of transportation. It’s what logistics dreams are made of!

Moreover, this system creates reports containing the records of the whole trip by the vehicle. This comprises the statistics of stops the vehicle made, its average speed, tracks of the routes which can be seen 24×7. With this data, you can repeat their journey to effortlessly reach your destination, while you marvel at all the tech that makes this happen.

User-friendly and broad accessibility

Another significant aspect of a tracking system is a well-developed user-friendly interface that is easy to operate. This delivers beneficial functions like giving real-time data and also permitting multiple accesses without requiring several accounts.

Further, it should consist of a simple and intuitive interface that will spontaneously obtain appropriate information helping you make cognizant decisions.  Similarly, it should be available anytime on multiple platforms, whether you’re on your business computer or your smartphone. Its broad accessibility will facilitate one to check on the vehicle’s journey.
any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Warnings and Anti-Theft mechanism

Vehicles’ security is a critical factor when picking for a tracking system. IoT-supported technology that can assist in finding a stolen or lost vehicle is a component you wouldn’t want to miss in your system. This system subtlety emits a signal which can be followed and enables vehicle tracking. Thus, serving as a mechanism to prevent one’s car from being robbed. Neat, right?

But you can take this one step further.

Even warnings or alerts related to excess stops, over the limit speeding, etc can be scrutinized to interpret the driver’s behavior. Plus, these alerts minimize fuel usage to keep it optimal and also sends reminders for maintenance. We told you – any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!

Manageable control and simple installation

User management is a fundamental aspect for business proprietors who want to modify the system according to their needs. Take, for example, a user profile that can be upgraded and altered and serves multiple-purposes to formulate groups of vehicles and view them as a whole. Therefore, such modifications will bring a wide range of users altogether on a single platform to regulate their fleets. Plus, a combined report of this group can be viewed and supervised as well.

Nevertheless, such systems may be complicated to install or add to your vehicle. Therefore, a technology that can sufficiently fit under the dashboard of your vehicle will be best for vehicle tracking in real-time.Similarly, check all factors like trouble-free maintenance and choose a compact device that comprises an OBD connector. These factors are key for efficiency, which is something BCI excels at.

Overall, these features are the basic requirements if you’re in search of a good vehicle tracking system. At BCI, we work on the smallest of details to provide companies with the best of technology.

Visit us at our official website and see how we can transform your current machinery with expertise in these fields and much more!

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